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King of the Shadows

We realized that the MEDITERRANEAN is now the place where the most important knot will be untied. Time that passed by has taught us this. This is the case, although some people don’t want to understand. Just take a look at what happened in the last 10 years not only in Turkey but in the region as a whole. Extend from the Arab Spring to Syria and Iraq…

Come to ARAMCO from the DRONE attacks to the KASIKÇI assassination. Move from the states shaken by Covid-19 to a halt in the economy. They are all parts of a big plan and they are all fiction… And the fluctuation will continue as the new system is not established.  I hope it doesn’t result in war, but it also stands at the top of the possibilities….

The new address of the war is the MEDITERRANEAN. No SECRET either.

According to some, 7 facts necessary for the NEW WORLD ORDER have been completed.

This is why the FINAL will be in the MEDITERRANEAN…

The top 20 oil companies in the world such as ExxonMobil, Chevron, BP, Shell, are looking for living space for themselves in the MEDITERRANEAN. But just as Greece, seen in front of the stage, is not the main actor, there is also the king of the shadows that stands behind the prominent companies.

While every company is looking for a field in the MEDITERRANEAN, there is a giant that even the French President Macron learned in detail on AUGUST 1.

The name of this company, which he was surprised while learning, is VITOL GROUP….

Macron, who wanted to be BIG in the Eastern Mediterranean, officially stumbled upon the information he received…

Roughly the situation is…

VITOL is the owner of all oil and gas deposits in the earth, more precisely underground …

The invisible power behind is VITOL. It is VITOL that decides which oil goes from where to where.

The MEDITERRANEAN is very, very important for this power… The first question that comes to mind is this! So who are the owners of this company? Where do they get the power from? Believe me, very few people can answer this correctly.

All the names on the stage are part of the fiction. Not many people know their real owners.  As if the word MYSTERY was created for this company…  It is known as the ONLY INDEPENDENT COMPANY OF THE WORLD….

Although its owner is touted as the forces behind deep America, the company’s former CEO Ian Taylor is assumed to have said, “The American deep state, the British deep state, or all deep states on earth take orders from the Vitol Group.” I do not know how many people there are to make such a statement on earth. Although there is no proof that Ian Taylor said this, “The only independent company in the world” is actually the biggest proof.  British businessman and CEO of Vitol Group Russell Hardy is very strong today both in England and the United States.

Today it is enough for Russell Hardy to tell Putin, “You will not sell natural gas,” and for Aramco, Prince Selman, “You will stop the oil production or increase it 100 percent.” Yes it really is.

Although it sounds unbelievable, this is the picture! This is not because Russell Hardy’s strength, but because the company is the biggest player in the world. Aramco, Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, Alphabet are the 5 most valuable companies in the world. There is only one company that is more valuable than the total value of these companies and much more powerful than their total strength. It is the Vitol Group.

If the richest families in the world who rule the world, then Vitol Group runs them. Everything is confidential except for the company’s CEO. Not all bosses announced or claimed are real. Its headquarters are in Geneva and Rotterdam.

This is also not true. The company has around 1500 employees. Unfortunately this is not true either. The number of intelligence agents working for the company is around 2 thousand. Therefore, Vitol Group is in the Mediterranean.

This is the part that concerns us too. Now we will see what kind of Mediterranean it will be.

Everyone from the United States of America to the European Union, from Qatar to South Korea is in the MEDITERRANEAN.

Everyone brings their strength and stacks. The crucial question is this!

Is a war desired in the region? It seems that Vitol Group wants  this. Because there is no solution without war.

According to the Vitol Group, peace cannot come from a sea with natural gas and oil reserves of around $ 2 trillion.

I wish there was no war. If only 20 trillion Dollars of wealth in the Mediterranean were given to countries with legal rights. Unfortunately it will not happen. It never happened, it will not happen again…

Even though it evolves within itself, the 300-year-old system will change. This is what the world is PREGNANT. Without understanding this, not a single step can be taken. No way can be taken..

The Vitol Group did not exist 300 years ago. However, the foundation stones of today’s Vitol Group were laid 300 years ago. No state is wanted to be independent. It is not acceptable for any leader to be independent.

Therefore, tension will increase in the Mediterranean. As a result of this large gas compression there will be a jolt.

“Every country needs to buy and sell oil. You know the numbers: One billion people in the world still don’t use electricity; 3 billion still cook on stoves and charcoal. There is clearly a tremendous way to go,” Taylor told the Financial Times in 2018. ..

The Vitol Group acquired Petrol Ofisi for 1 billion 368 million Euros in June 2017, and it is engraved in our memories.  Ian Taylor, the legendary name of the company, was a name that said “The oil-free period is a dream.

It will never happen”…

A GIANT that is everywhere from ExxonMobil to Chevron from Singapore to Houston to Saudi Arabia to Europe …

And this GIANT wants war in the MEDITERRANEAN ….

A DESTRUCTIVE MEDITERRANEAN war is on the table for a new system to arrive as soon as possible…

It is very useful to know this and take steps accordingly.

The steps of a GIANT who has his signature on every drop of oil and whose owner is unknown should be followed carefully …

While everyone, from Germany to France, from the Pope to Miçotakis, reached out to the Mediterranean and disturbed Turkey, it would be useful to look at what happened a little differently.

We are at a point where mind and diplomacy are more important than ever…

We have to go slowly but fast with paying attention to the pawns..

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