Sun 16 Rajab 1442AH 28-2-2021AD

Line Crossed

COME, let’s go more clearly today …

As I wrote recently, the tension will rise very, very much.

What Turkey spoke about last week?

Let’s start there…

The first agenda was Brigadier General Serdar Atasoy!

Chief of Staff Işık Koşaner and the force commanders resigned together, it was not spoken about that much.

The investigations of Serdar Atasoy, who was promoted to brigadier general by the decision of the Supreme Military Council on 30 August 2020, his escape from this and his subsequent appointment to the Land Forces Command Intelligence Directorate was written.

It was also reported that he did not start his duty.

Then the Minister of National Defense Hulusi Akar met with the media to explain the rest of the curtain.


We distributed GARA by air and land.

However, the terrorist organization PKK killed 13 of our citizens.

Roughly this is the agenda!

Let’s go back now.

Trump signed CAATSA even though he was sympathetic to Ankara.

The defense industry was targeted.

The USA was trying to bill everybody.

They also used this card to countries like Iran-North Korea-Russia.

It haunted Iran which they knew about its affinity with China, because of its nuclear studies.

The sanctions sometimes went through PEOPLE.

Over 100 people from Russia have been put on the sanctions list in accordance with the law called the

Global ‘Magnitsky Law’, which was prepared after the death of Sergei Magnitsky, a tax expert who investigated a $ 230 million corruption file in Russia, while in prison.

The SUSPICIOUS DEATH of Sergey Magnitski, a lawyer at Hermitage Capital Management Fund, was the beginning of a new era.

The US ‘black list’ was expanding due to Russia’s annexation of Crimea and its intervention in the Ukraine crisis.

Then Turkey took S-400 AIR DEFENSE SYSTEM from Russia.

When it wanted to buy it from China, KOBANI incidents broke out.

US wanted to tighten Turkey by trusting NATO COUNTRIES definiton.

AND CAATSA, that is, THE METHOD OF COMBATING THE ENEMIES, was putting into the field.

So the US was saying, “Turkey is our adversary”

This is the situation that came from the strategic partner.

CAATSA was a kind of sanction that put even the presidents aside.

The president could only choose options.

And Trump chose the DEFENSE INDUSTRY.

It is not spoken about much, but the most troublesome place since July 15 was the AIR FORCE.

There was a serious loss of personnel.

And when it came to CAATSA, the issue of renewing the AIRCRAFT, that is, the aircraft purchased from the USA, was difficult.

All of our positioning was for the USA.

While they were saying “adversary” to Turkey, they established a base in Greece.

It was the message “WE ARE WITH ATHENS”

Dealing with the economic crisis, GREECE announced that 2.3 billion euros would be paid for Rafale warplanes to be purchased from France.

Air-to-air Meteor missile systems compatible with Rafale aircraft were also on the way.

It is not enough; It also requested 24 new generation F-35s from the USA.

They were snatching up Greece while they were pushing us out of the game!

The deep America wants to see Turkey by their side but ANKARA was making its own path after all these operations.

This brought along “BEING ADVERSARY”.

At the top, the US and England were clashing.

However this shadow was reflecting to a very critical country, which is Turkey.

There were many areas of global conflict, especially the Middle East policies of the two giant countries.

Turkey was dealing with PKK as a threat, naturally.

The USA had already shown that it was with the PKK-YPG with the weapons it gave.

Now the Biden era would take this much higher.

Middle East, the US and Britain’s war zone, while Turkey who wanted to do their own cleaning zone was falling at different points with the US.

Both Europe and the USA were behind the PKK-YPG.

It wasn’t SECRET either. It wasn’t just given names and spoken.

However, Germany, Italy, France, and the USA were also involved.

Turkey fighting these alliances when it hits PKK and when it doesn’t hit it was opposing England-China axis indirectly.

Roughly that was the picture!

There were many rings intertwined like Matryoshka.

The 13 martyrs incident is very fresh.

Obviously, major events will happen soon.

It is not known where the things will be, but what the British did 100 years ago, the USA is doing it now and is growing GREECE to attack us.

It is beneficial to look at CAATSA, the PKK and the Middle East issues in this way.

Although it is not said, they took the RAFALE and F-35s against us, just as we took the S-400s against NATO.

13 martyrs were a big break.

NATO seems to be using all of its intelligence against us.

The pages of an era that should be followed very well were opened.


Everything that has been experienced recently is a continuation of each other.

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