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Let’s make a magazine as we finish the week.

The stories, relationships, interactions, and results you read here many times were discussed by VANITY FAIR the day before.

It’s Craig Unger who writes relationships with a fluent pen.

Let’s go today, looking at both this article and its background.

Let’s see where the MAGAZINE actually extends to.

Jeffrey Epstein, who is obviously the name to talk about more, is not an ordinary name you can see on the street.

He is an important figure in the intelligence world.

He is an important player of the NETWORK, which was established to reach and control the target names.

They were everywhere! Even here.

Oddly enough, even the United States has just started talking about these issues.

With Biden.

Robert Maxwell was the legendary media boss.

He was originally born in Hungary.

His real name was Jan Ludvik Hyman Binyamin Hoch.

His family ran away from the NAZI’S.

There was a period when he was refuge in France.

He joined the BRITISH in the Second World War.

He fought against the Germans then he passed to England.

He served the Israeli-British-Russian intelligence at the same time.

He built an entire media empire.

He was killed on his luxury yacht.

He was thrown into the sea in the Canary Islands.

He was the child of Mechel Hoch and Hannah Slomowitz!

Ghislaine Maxwell was the one that will stand out among 9 children in the following years.

One day her daughter sees Jeffrey Epstein and says, “Dad, can you introduce me to this man?”

Maxwell, gives the answer, “Why would he care about you?!”

However, her daughter learned a lot from her father.

She finds a way and opens the way to Epstein and then to Trump.

This line progresses by giving very special gifts.

And after a while, this three people establishing THE DEVIL TRIANGLE!

Professor of Harvard Law. Alan Dershowitz would say, “Those who don’t know about Trump and Jeffrey Epstein are not even a thing.”

Epstein brought kings, princes, Wall Street billionaires, famous businessmen, heads of state, ministers and intelligence to Trump’s side.

All the meetings were held with the majority of YOUNG GIRLS.

This was sometimes happening in New York and sometimes in Mar-a Logo.

Trump was growing bigger with the support of the ITALIAN MAFIA.

I wrote the details and names recently.

Trump later opened up to ATLANTIC CITY.

But things went wrong there.

He couldn’t find what he was hoping for.

The casino named Taj Mahal did not give the result he wanted.

The game he built over transformation caused a big trouble for Trump.


This was his friend Epstein, whom he knew well.

He gave Trump hope, “Don’t be afraid, we’ll solve this.

He took it straight to Wilbur Ross, the trusted person of the Rothschild family!

Ross, who already knew the matter, promised “We’ll sort it out.”

Problems have been cleared. Debts have been paid.

50 percent of the company remained with Trump.

He continued on his way.

And so he entered FORBES.

But who was the real hero? Yes, ROTHSCHILD FAMILY.

When the money came, Ghislaine Maxwell went on her way.

But Trump now belonged to Epstein.

He was walking knowing that!

The now-current RUSSIAN LINK was also emerging when Ms. Maxwell did her job well!

1993 Russia and 1994 Baltic beauty ANNA MALOVA also joined the team.

And underage beautiful girls were transported by planes to the parties hosted by the Trump-Epstein.

For example, some were dying in an unknown way, like Ruslana Korshunova!

Usually people were falling down from the skyscraper in New York!

ANNA MALOVA not only carried beautiful girls, but also had love with George Soros.

Possibly, it was for the TASK.

All the big names I mentioned in previous articles were in this picture.

Epstein and the power behind him were setting up the game and distributing roles to everyone.

There was no problem that could not be solved.

And the phone book of Jeffrey Epstein, whose whereabouts are now unknown (at the FBI, I think) were being searched.

I mean, Trump’s notebook with 16 different phone numbers

Everyone in that notebook knew Epstein’s connections and was there voluntarily.

Everyone was having fun with the girls from the old SOVIET.

All of them were young.

Jean-Luc Brunel, the owner of the MC2 Agency, nicknamed GHOST, also stepped in.

Traffic was getting bigger.

Later, the former US President continued his life with “Trump Model Management”.

In fact, Trump, who was the President of the United States, was forced to marry Melania, although the Americans did not know.

She was his third wife.

I don’t want to write anything about his past, but it was Epstein who forced them to marry.

It was no surprise to me that Melania behaved weird after the Presidency was over.


Consequently, trade with RUSSIAN BUSINESSMEN had also started at that time.

There was not only girls.

But there was at least as much money.

Trump, for example, could sell his house to Russian oligarch Dmitry Rybolovlev for $ 96 million!

Who was arranging the meeting? What do you think?

Wasn’t it interesting for Trump to walk around the London-Tel Aviv-Moscow triangle!


Now that Trump is gone, the US press is writing that the WHITE HOUSE will be CLEANED by Biden.


For 4 years, nobody saw anything, and who saw, did nothing.

Now I wonder how it will be.

Wilbur Ross was the man who saved Trump at Epstein’s request.

Then, they were the ones who used Jewish’s properties with his son-in-law Kushner and started a company and walked

Relationships are built by a mind, they only needed time to get together!

Now this is the case from afar!

Biden said “GANG” and “TERRORIST”.

He was giving the message to this structure.

Republican Mitch McConnel has also joined Biden, to the same line.

However, there was something strange.

And that was Kamala Harris, who wore PURPLE, first ASIAN Vice President and not far from Ghislaine Maxwell.

There were secret relationships in the US that the Americans were not aware of.

Joe Biden says he will fight with this formation now.

On a Global scale, this fight will decide where the world will go.

I said the magazine at the start of the article, but look where are we now.

This is the real world…

Except for newspapers and TVs.

Let’s see what happens.

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