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Mediterranean Council

We talk about the MEDITERRANEAN.

We will continue to write without hesitation.

Because there is a large crowd that refuses to understand the vicious discussions and events inside. You cannot read life only through the opposition glasses. It is more mature to understand first, then to speak about the subject. Of course, this is the case for me. It is obvious that it varies from person to person, from party to party.

The MEDITERRANEAN can not be solved at a table with TURKEY and Greece

The incident goes far beyond the size of Greece. But they don’t know! The Greek part is also VITAL! The instrument that is thrown in front of us, used to steal our energy. There are those among themselves who know this.

This is the TASK ! DEBT first, then you receive orders…

Let’s take the subject in another direction. Because a very, very interesting ALLIANCE has been formed! Without knowing this, our chances of understanding what is going on are ZERO. Let’s start with a simple question…

Which countries are in the MEDITERRANEAN? More precisely, which countries are entitled to energy deposits in the Mediterranean?

According to the research, and international law, Turkey, Greece, Tunisia, Algeria, Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Libya, Israel and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and Southern Cyprus.

Is it correct? Of course it’s right… These are the countries…

So which important names exist in the MEDITERRANEAN? Do we know I guess, no.

Jacob Rothschild, Peggy Rockefeller, Rupert Murdoch, Dick Cheney, George Soros, Nat Rothschild, Michael Steinhardt, Prince Salman, Crown Prince Nahyan of the United Arab Emirates. This list goes on and on..

Confronting many issues, these names united in the EAST MEDITERRANEAN. All of them have energy companies. However, they are all partners to DEPA and Edison, the front companies of the EastMed Pipeline project. The project, also known as the EAST MEDITERRANEAN PIPELINE, will walk on land and sea. It will carry the Eastern Mediterranean resources to Greece and from there to Italy via Cyprus and Crete.

Consequently, it will reach all of EUROPE later.

It will be distributed. The length of the pipeline is 1900 kilometers, and its depth is 3 kilometers. It aims to transport 10 billion cubic meters of natural gas annually. It is estimated that the pipeline will cost $ 7 billion and it will take 7 years to build. At this point, the Republic of Turkey was on the scene.

Turkey extended their hand to Libya. The AGREEMENT between the two countries has fully taken control of the sea borders where the Eastmed Pipeline will cross. This move to Turkey was a deterioration of the global game. And Turkey declared that they would NEVER allow violations of this limit.

This is both a FIGHT and WAR … Is it hard to understand? Is it complicated? Is it inconceivable? No… Simple. Open. Clear.

As long as you want to understand…

Let’s Continue…

The real bosses of the Italian Edison, the important company of the Poseidon consortium formed with the Greek gas company DEPA: Jacob Rothschild, Peggy Rockefeller, Rupert Murdoch, Dick Cheney, George Soros, Nat Rothschild, Michael Steinhardt, Prince Salman, Crown Prince Nahyan of the United Arab Emirates.

It is not secret that these names, alleged to rule the world, met off the coast of Italy in December, when the CORONAVIRUS had just began to be heard of.

This team, which sent their advisors to the Poseidon meeting held in Milan, held the main meeting off Sicily.

Do we know? I don’t think so.

The only force that could bring such powerful men together in a meeting was the Mediterranean. So it happened. This meeting was held for a trillion dollar energy resources in the Mediterranean.

Partly ‘yes’, but the main reason for the meeting was that the center of the New World Order was the Mediterranean.

Why the Mediterranean?

Smart men give the answer to this question. The Mediterranean is seen as a unique opportunity in the new route of the world. The sun of the new world is rising in the Mediterranean. With its proximity to money and power, the value of the Mediterranean will be fully understood in 20 years.

Research commissioned by Jacob Rothschild, Peggy Rockefeller, Rupert Murdoch, Dick Cheney, George Soros, Nat Rothschild, Michael Steinhardt, Prince Selman, UAE Crown Prince Nahyan’s own teams yielded the same result.

In the last days of 2019, Jacob Rothschild’s statement that “those who own the Mediterranean rule the 5 continents” echoed off Sicily.

Jacob Rothschild announced that meeting as the “Mediterranean Council”. The Mediterranean is the lifeblood of Europe. The Mediterranean will be Europe’s only energy source in the future.

Taking Africa into its palm, the Mediterranean is seen as the gateway to Asia to the world. The Mediterranean is spoken everywhere. It is not surprising that the Mediterranean is on the agenda of important politicians in Japan. Someone thought the Mediterranean was worthless, with oil prices falling below $ 10.

Even if the oil falls to a dollar, the value of the Mediterranean will not change…

For that reason Europe chose Turkey as a target with put forwarding Greece and Cyprus. Because of the effective power of Turkey. The Mediterranean from Turkey’s share purchase, replacing all existing balances.

“The Mediterranean Council” were also considering partnerships with counterparts in Turkey until the meeting. Although it is difficult to understand who is on the Turkish side when looking at the list, this is the truth. If the CORONAVIRUS effect had not been so rapid, the “Mediterranean Council” meeting would be held in December 2020, again off Sicily, with the same names. But now the consultants will meet at a meeting. When? In December 2020.

After that meeting, we will understand the signs of the new era regarding the future of the Mediterranean.

This is the situation…

This is the reason we insist on writing about the Mediterranean.

Those who want to oppose can continue.

But for those who want to understand, the picture is clear enough.

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  1. “israel” is not a country, it’s an illegitimate group of thieves and murderes (who don’t have a drop of Semite blood in their heartless bodies) occupying Palestine.

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