Fri 13 Rabi Al Awwal 1442AH 30-10-2020AD


Muhiddini Arabî went on a hill and said:Those who you worship are under my feet. After this sentence, the ulama of that period have decided that Muhiddin Arabi was being heathen by saying Allah is under my feet and must be killed.They even buried him on a hill which no one knew. But Muhiddin Arabi (pbuh) once said:- İza dehaleşşini ilâşşın, zahara kabr-i Muhiddin. (After Sin (Selim) goes in Şın (Damascus) Muhiddin’s grave and wish will be understood.)Centuries passed. Yavuz Sultan Selim Han conquered Damascus.He heard about the incident and asked where Muhiddin Arabi’s grave was.No one knew where Muhiddin-i Arabi’s grave was.He was asking everyone, even the shepherds on hills but he couldn’t get any clear answers.Only one shepherd said:-My Efendi, I don’t know where his grave is, but there is this place, no sheeps eat grass on it and no animals step on it.Grass grows there and dries out.After that Sultan Selim decided it was Muhiddin Arabi’s grave and had it dug.He saw that his body was staying there.He built a magnificent tomb there. Then he asked why he was executed.People there said:-He said that those you worship are under my feet and he was executed after that.Then Sultan Selim Han made a research about where he said it at and found it. He ordered them to dig. And they found a cube of gold. Yavuz Sultan Selim Han said:-Didn’t our Prophet say ‘Your religion is your money, and your kiblah is your women’?That’s why Muhiddin-i Arabi said those you worship are under my feet, referring golds, but none of those people understood.They executed Muhiddin unfairly and for nothing. Thus, Mubiddin-i Arabi’s two oracles occurred, he reported where the money was and that Yavuz was going to come and clarify the situation…

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