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Living his life in fear in the Topkapi Palace after being deposed, Abdul Aziz wrote a letter to Murat V who replaced him, and asked to be relocated from the Topkapi Palace. He feared for his life. He begged for security. His wish was granted.

Abdul Aziz was relocated to the Feriye Palace, and he felt safer. He took machetes, daggers, swords and certain other combat tools with him. But Sultan Abdul Aziz was under the surveillance of the junta. Sultan Abdul Aziz hadn’t chosen the personnel that would serve him in Feriya Palace. They were appointed by Huseyin Avni Pasha. While the protection of the palace was left to his enemies Avni Pasha and Kayserili Ahmet Pasha; Cezayirli Pehlivan Mustava Cavus, Yozgatli Mustafa, and Boyabatli Haci Mehmet were chosen to serve Abdul Aziz. From this information, it seems that everything in the Feriye Palace furthered the murder of Abdul Aziz. In the meantime, the second Mabeynci(Chamberlain) Fahri Bey were tasked with assisting Abdul Aziz, and all other asisstants were sent away. Fahri Bey was working for the coup conspirators. Abdul Aziz was trapped, and he was an easy target to kill.

Abdul Aziz was left alone in the room prepared for him and he said regarding his situation, “My fate is left only to Allah now”. Shortly after, the machete Abdul Aziz carried was taken from him by the order of the guard tasked with protecting him, and the second Mabeynci Fahri Bey’s request to Valide Sultan. The old Sultan was left completely defenseless.

The Sultan spent all his time in prayer. He spend the night and day reading the Quran and performing salat.

One day, Cezayirli Mustafa Pehlivan and Yozgatli Pehlivan Mustafa Cavus entered the room. Abdul Aziz knew what was going on. Before he could say anything, they and their followers jumped on Abdul Aziz. Even though Abdul Aziz was a strong man, they took him down eventually. Fahri Bey held Abdul Aziz’s arms. Yozgatli Mustafa Pehlivan brandished a sharp dagger, and cut Abdul Aziz’s wrists. They were going to make it look like a suicide. But no one who commits suicide cuts both wrists.

The Padishah, his wrists cut open and bleeding, looked at the second Mabeynci Fahri Bey once more, and said: “These hands you dared to cut, didn’t they gift you prayer beads made of pearls, two days ago?” It was a sad twist of fate that it was the Sultan himself who had took his killer Fahri Bey under his wing when he was a helper in a coffee shop, and helped him rise to the prestigious position of Second Mabeynci. Padishah passed away as the blood left his veins. The killers looked at the great Padishah as he died, with fear in their eyes. They left the room through the window, and escaped into the garden. The guards posted at the door ran away when they understood the deed was done.

There was a deep silence in the corridor. Arzmiyaz Kalfa, one of the palace servants, heard mumbling inside the door as she was passing by. She tried to open the door, but it was locked from the inside. “Somebody, help!” she shouted, “Something happened to our Efendi!”

Those who heard her broke the door down, and they were met with Abdul Aziz’s body, covered in blood… but some of the officers were already instructed by Huseyin Avni Pasha, and they dragged Abdul Aziz’s shaking body to the guard station in the palace. They laid him against a tree. They did nothing to save the Padishah who was still alive. Sultan’s eyes went blank and he passed away.

After it was over, doctors were called. Officials reports were prepared, and the news broke out. The old Padishah has fallen prey to depression. He had asked for a mirror and scissors to trim his beard, and he had cut himself with it to commit suicide.

When the doctors wanted to examine Abdul Aziz’s body, Huseyin Avni stopped them by saying “This is no mere corpse.” The late Sultan’s ‘death report’ has the signature of 19 foreign and local doctors. Doctors did not examine the Sultan’s body. They said the Sultan committed suicide. The report that stated the Sultan’s suicide was signed by 19 doctors. If this report is examined, one would see that it only mentions the cuts on the body’s wrists, and the other parts of the body are not mentioned. Despite the coroner’s requests, the sheet on the body was not even lifted. The body had other wounds.

It was all masterfully planned, dear friend. Was the murder of Sultan Abdul Aziz caused by the mere ambition of three Pashas? Was that all there was to it? No, my friend, no. Keep reading.

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