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Netflix and Messiah (Part 1)

First of all, let’s briefly talk about Netflix.

               Netflix replaced Hollywood in the 21st century. The purpose of Netflix is ​​to prepare the world for future global projects with the messages on its films. When we take a look at Netflix’s board of directors, we see Israeli–German Axel Springer, and leading players in the digital world such as Facebook, Google, and Microsoft. Why is that? You can see it in more detail in the picture below.

Before proceeding with the analysis of the Messiah series, let’s give a brief introduction about the board. Netflix is ​​a Morgan Stanley company. So, a Rothschild company. Former White House security advisor known as National Security Advisor (NSA) Susan Rice is a member of the Netflix board of directors. Why is that? What could be tie Susan Rice and Netflix together? Think about it.

               A small anecdote: In 2016, Russian Culture Minister Vladimir Medinsky said, “Netflix is ​​an online broadcast service organized by the CIA that spreads US propaganda to the world; Netflix is ​​financed by the American government.”

Moving on.

               Rachel Whestone… This name was formerly a consultant for Theresa May’s party(the Conservatives). Susan Rice from the USA, and Rachel Whestone from the UK. Observe at the relationship network. This name also worked for Uber, Google and Facebook. How did these names come together for Netflix? What kind of connection did they establish?

               The series begins with a speech of Ahlus Sunnah, directly addressed to us. Then, quotes from the Bible and the Torah follow. The goal is to lead all the people of the world on. After drawing the attention of the world, the real message will be delivered.

Let’s move on to scene analysis.

Scene 1: The series begins with a flood: a climatic message. USA is being threatened with the climate. Master Mind(power in the shadow) have been working on climate control, spending outrageous amounts of money on experiments. They dream of creating floods akin to the Deluge of Nuh(Noah) to reshape the world. Just like pressing the reset button on a computer, they wish to reboot the earth. In the following scenes they will say, “God wants a flood.”

This needs explanation. There is no one government in America. There are multiple governments. We’ll talk about the two most important: One of them is the real leaders of the finance and technology lobbies, those whose signature is on the dollar. The other one is the Angla-Saxon, Evangelist lobby that’s behind Donald Trump. Here, the owners of the dollar threaten the so-called Messiah and Trump with the climate.

 At the same time, with this scene, the so-called place is shown to be in the hands of DAESH(ISIS), and it gives the message that “Christ has come to save you.”

Scene 2: Again, we are met with a flood scene. In this scene, everything is destroyed except for a church. The message here is that “You will destroy the churches.” In fact, this message is for all beliefs. The Master Mind wants a faithless, religionless society. Their goals are clearly in this direction. A community dominated by atheism. Currently, there are plans in the works against churches in the US. The right to sue past cases for child abuse has just been given. There are serious operations against priests. We are talking about amounts as high as 4 billion dollars, that much money can bankrupt the church. The most obvious message here is that you will tear down your own churches. In connection with this, let’s move on to Stage 3.

Scene 3: As we mentioned in the analysis of scene 2. As a result of the operations on priests, the reputation of churches is decreasing, and here a priest burns his own church. The message here is, “You will burn down the religion you believe in with your own hands.”

Scene 4: FEMA is often seen in the series. This is not a coincidence. You can learn what FEMA is with a little research on the internet. FEMA has prepared more than 800 concentration camps all over the US. When chaos and insurrection rise, they will gather people into these areas. To clarify this issue a bit more: When the issue of cryptocurrency comes up, the status of the US dollar as a world reserve currency will slowly fade. In this case, the gross national product of America will fall below $ 10 trillion and this will cause civil war, because it will not be enough for the states. For this reason, a serious interstate battle is expected in America. This means civil war. They are seriously preparing FEMA to gather up the people and imprison those who rebel. You can type “FEMA concentration camp” in a search engine and do your own research. It should also be said that in the last 5 months, individual armament has increased by 67% in the US.

Scene 5: The last scene of our first series. This scene is about Turkey. As a Turk, it would not be possible to ignore this scene. This scene is probably referring to the attack at the Reina nightclub on New Year’s Eve 2017. There was an American in the attack, which, as it turned out, was a member of the American army. The name of the female character here is Eva. You get it.

To be continued, Insha’Allah…

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