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Netflix and Messiah (Part 2)

Scene 6: The most critical sentence in this scene is “I walk with all men.” As we mentioned in the first article, the Master Mind has a goal: A singular world-nation (a Digital State), and it is preparing people for an  all-religion. The “Interfaith Dialogue” project is also a step towards the preparation of the ground for this goal. The owners of the project are basically saying to the people: “We are all children of the same god, but the Prophets are separating us, if we discard the Prophets, we would be left with the god we all worship.” They want to remove the Prophets, and then produce an image of god that fits their purposes(May Allah not give them the opportunity). Let’s add a parallel here. You will see that they will proclaim a new religion with this (false)Messiah in the next season of this series. They will make a new religion, and this person will be the Messiah of this religion, either next season or towards the end of the last season. This will be the finale.

The series will also touch on all religions. Just as the priest burned his church with his own hands; they will bring Solomon’s Temple to the agenda next season.

Scene 7: This scene may not attract much attention in the first place, but it is a scene with deep messages. The Master Mind wants to control birth and death. “We will provide you with children from our gene banks on request,” the technology for this is being prepared. The person will be able to order a child of any size, skin and eye color they’d like . Naturally, there will be no point to marriage. “If you want to have children, let us give it to you.” The target is the family institution here. The target is the future. The message is “I determine the future.”

Scene 8: As you can see in this scene, the false Messiah has a lot of followers. Like an army of the heedless, they follow a lie. They show that there are people who would follow this madness without question if such a thing actually happened. A kind of rehearsal. The key message here is: Directing all humanity to common actions. All over the world, at the same time. The Yellow Vests were just a rehearsal. Do not be surprised if you middle school children on the streets for the climate in the coming days.

Here, people are walking towards Washington D.C. In the coming years, in many countries, they will simultaneously lead people to U.S embassies. You will see people walking to U.S embassies, especially in the Asian and African continents.

Scene 9: “You are the chosen.” This is the most crucial phrase of the scene. We know these words are used by the FETO terrorist organization in Turkey. From Ahmadi in India to Sebatay Sevi, all the imposters who claimed to be Mahdi have used this critical sentence. In order to motivate the people around, they manipulate them by setting up sentences such as “You are chosen, you will directly go to heaven.” The person is manipulated such that they fall into complete obedience.

Let’s open a separate parenthesis here. How you speak is more important than what you say. If you confidently say “Stone is actually god,” you will surely find at least 10.000 people around the world who would follow you. If you pay attention to this scene, the actor says the magic words with a very confident and determined stance. In this context, there are organizations specially established to manage the people and to run the interfaith dialogue project that we mentioned in the analysis of stage 6. South Korea has the Unification Church (organization) that is the twin of FETO in Turkey. One founded in 1952 and the other in the early 1980s. How can intelligence organizations, especially the CIA, infiltrate Asia and Africa so easily? If they came with blue eyes blond hair, would the people of this geography accept them? No. But they can simply enter as English teachers once FETO is established.

Scene 10: What do people expect from the Messiah? A miracle. Going down to earth with the Knowledge of Allah and performing actions that exceed the logic and reason of man. Just as Hz. Moses(AS) divided the Red Sea. Don’t forget this word “Technological Miracle.” We will witness this in the coming years. At this point, I suggest you do your own research because this is a subject that requires a separate article. You can start with Augmented Reality and Blue Beam Project.

There is probably a message to the White House here. ”We will alter reality with technological miracles. We will take your people from your hands.”

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