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New Front

Russia recently reacted with Turkey in a way that will be the face of the future. The United States of America wants this the most. They will do their best for this…

We can come across Russia in other places as well as in Syria.

Relations between the two countries can be unexpectedly strained.

This is how chess is in international politics.

In order to get the energy of a country that you see as a rival, you sometimes push an unexpected instrument forward without being seen or performed. The important thing is that the TARGET country experiences a waste of time and energy.


The Azerbaijan-Armenian problem suddenly peaked again?

The first questions that come to mind are these…

What happened now that tension peaked?

Why did the Armenians attack?

Azerbaijan and Turkey replied instantly with immediate emphasis on brotherhood? And where will the conflicts go?

Looking at the media, many people have put the military forces on the table in case of war between the two countries. From the number of rifles to the number of soldiers…

But what we need to know is that this problem goes beyond the two countries.

In other words, even though the current state of war seems to be between Azerbaijan and Armenia, the reality is very, very different.

In fact, it is a problem that WakeUpUmmah.com followers can immediately diagnose!

There is nothing surprising that is not understood. It is a center where the war of sharing takes the stage. The issue here is Turkey. Let’s go back to July. Again, clashes took place, hands went to the triggers. Azerbaijanis filled the squares. The tension was very, very high.

The first point to look at here was where the conflicts took place.

There was no difference between what happened in July and what it is now.

An outside hand was scratching at the same point.

Without any deviation of the coordinates…

All the tension and conflict was happening in the same area for some reason!


This is where the knot will be untied. In general, the main reason for these conflicts is the SILK ROAD. Yes, Silk Road. If we look at the events as the Azerbaijan-Armenia struggle, we do not understand much again. We would have missed a lot.

Turkey’s opening to Central Asia and the Silk Road in the meeting with the Armenian move that appears to disable in any conditions. Let’s go to October 2017…

The opening ceremony of the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars Railway Line was held at the Alat Port, approximately 90 kilometers from Baku.

President Erdoğan, Azerbaijani President Aliyev, Kazakhstan Prime Minister Bakıtcan Sagintayev, Uzbekistan Prime Minister Abdulla Aripov and Georgian Prime Minister Giorgi Kvirikashvili were also present.

Turkmenistan and Tajikistan officials were also there.

In his opening speech, Erdogan said, “We have offered many services to the public that are complementary to the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railway project. Construction of the Marmaray high-speed train lines, renovation of existing train lines, the third bridge we built in Istanbul, which also includes a rail system transition, are some of them. These investments further increase the efficiency and attractiveness of the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railway project. “

Turkey has made important steps was the fact that the leadership of the Iron Silk Road.

After all thes crises, Turkey has changed its route to the East.

they were looking for the future in the alliances they would establish here.

Endless crises with the West led to this.

Of course, it was important that the Iron Silk Road and Armenia were out of order.

The same setup was being implemented in another area.

It was TANAP! That is, the Trans Anatolian natural gas pipeline.

Azeri gas to Turkey was a project that would carry over into Europe.

Shahdeniz Gas was to be transported to Europe. This was the operation.

TANAP was passing from 20 provinces, 67 districts, 600 villages in Turkey.

It was reaching IPSALA.

With TAP, the successor of TANAP, natural gas extracted from the Caspian Sea is transported to Italy through Greece, Albania and the Adriatic Sea.

Looking at TANAP’s partnership structure, there are three actors!  SOCAR-BOTAŞ-BP.

So on the Silk Road, as well as Turkey, Azerbaijan and England situated also.

China is already the main representative of the project and the main player in a move affecting 3 billion people in 65 countries.

So how do I deduce that this tension between Azerbaijan and Armenia is related to the Silk Road?


Tovuz region as late as the Iron Silk Road, as well as TANAP, ie, the Shah Deniz gas to Georgia by bypassing Armenia is moving coordinates and from there to Europe via Turkey.

Looking broadly at events is a great help in understanding what is happening.

The United States, by scratching Russia’s concerns, pushed Moscow into the game there.

Of course, Azerbaijan and Armenia came face to face.

However, those who fought in reality were the USA and England, the USA and China.

And since the TAP project extended to the Balkans, it was not unlikely that they would be mixed up soon.

Turkey, especially after eliminating relations with the United States, met with great pressure.

We see this in the dollar, in the Eastern Mediterranean and in Syria.

It is also being spoken louder now that the USA has moved Incirlik to Greece.

Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan is pro-Western and Defense Minister David Tonoyan is pro-Russia.

Azerbaijan has also become a center of the war and struggle that extended from the United States of America to Beijing.

This war did not start yesterday, it will not end tomorrow.

Pompeo landed yesterday in Athens “to avoid accidents between Greece and Turkey”!


Some of the areas of struggle between the USA and the UK.

In spite of all this crisis in Washington, also against Turkey’s route to determine their own accord.

This is the reason for the turbulence experienced…

Whichever way you look at it, Turkey is fighting on many fronts.

Even though the things that are standing before us are different, the fiction is always made from the same address…

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