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New Money

When Coronavirus emerged in Wuhan, we’ve seen the first reaction from the economy. Companies either halted their business or left China entirely.

When we examine the developments of the last three months, it’s not difficult to see that the world is taking the first steps towards a new system.

That’s why Coronavirus was made in a lab. It’s unnecessary to answer those who claim otherwise. Every year, 600 thousand people die from the flu, 10 million people die from cancer, 18 million people from heart attacks, and 1.5 million people die in traffic accidents. Do we stop driving cars to stop the accidents? No, and millions of cars are still being produced every year. Right?


Coronavirus, also known as Covid-19, originated in Wuhan, China. Deaths were reported. If the media hadn’t blown things out of proportion and got on with its fearmongering with headlines like “This virus is incredible dangerous,” the perception of the virus would not have been so severe, and the deaths could even have been written off as caused by the flu. Another indication that Covid-19 is lab-made, like many other flu-like viruses. Companies went under, and millions became unemployed. Many countries’ economies are in decline. There are even those who compare the situation to The Great Depression that started in 1929. After the depression of 1929, a new world was established. The United States of America made a decision at the time. They would develop the country using gold. They started amassing it, leaving the public with almost no gold to speak of. The people were prohibited from purchasing it. The gold mines started working for the federal government. When they had amassed a sizeable amount, the value of gold shot up to ten times its previous value. Who made that happen? The United States.

The year is 1933. US President Roosevelt announces that he has increased the value of gold. The value of all commodities were determined by the US President in those years. Morgan Stanley was founded in 1935. The Rockefeller Center was founded in 1939, the IMF in 1944 and the CIA in 1947.

Roosevelt, who was the President of the USA from 1933 to 1945, was the one who laid the foundation for the CIA.

4 main factors were crucial for the growth of the USA as a superpower.

Morgan Stanley would manage the money, Rockefeller Center would have the businessmen compete with each other, the IMF would make foreign countries dependent on Washington, and the CIA would be engaged in intelligence throughout the world. he American Central Bank was established in 1913, but it had no power.

When these 4 great powers were formed, the FED became an unshakable giant over time.

Now, a new world is being established. One must take a look at the year 1969. In 1969 International Monetary Fund launched an international reserve currency called SDR(Special Drawing Rights).

The goal was to take control of the central banks.

SDR is a currency that has been used among central banks for years. It is a currency just like the American Dollar, British Pound, Euro, Yuan, Yen and its value is determined by them.

However, IMF President Christine Lagarde’s big project is now coming to life. IMFCOIN, which is expected to be the strongest currency in the world, is the start of the strongest digital currency project.

About 3 years ago, Lagarde was saying, “A geopolitical event is essential for IMFCOIN to come to life.” Who knows, maybe she was talking about Coronavirus.

Moving on…

Digital money; SDR; IMFCOIN; will be indexed to the dollar.

Since the Deep State of America will determine the value of the dollar, IMFCOIN is the plan of the Deep State.

IMFCOIN will be the end of  all national currencies just 5 years after it becomes widespread in the market.

IMFCOIN will be the only currency in the world.

Former IMF President Christine Lagarde, said on a forum of the Bank of England in 2017 that the new world currency will be IMFCOIN.

In England, too. In fact, China was also looking towards digital money. However, China made a mistake. China was pursuing the dream of a digital currency that would render the dollar useless, like Bitcoin.

However, the dollar will be the backing behind IMFCOIN. That’s an important difference.

When The Economist’s famous Bitcoin cover was all the talk in 1988, the real digital currency of the world, SDR (IMFCOIN), had already come to life way back in 1969. The Deep State of America was at least 20 years ahead of The Economist. The Deep State was formed as a committee after the 1929 depression. Its original role was to be the driving force behind the White House, and it still plays the same role, staying true to the same red book, even today. Who’s on the table of this committee? Maybe we’ll write about it one day.

This Committee is taking steps to ensure that US is a singular superpower without rival.

Trump’s role here is only as a spokesperson for the White House. Yes, that’s it. Trump entertained the thought of waging war against the Deep State, perhaps the strongest enemy the Deep State had was Trump.

But no matter how bold, Trump’ has scandals, dirt, and secrets in his past. What has been uncovered for the public to see is barely 5% of Trump’s hidden life. Trump knows that.

The Deep State could not find a replacement for Trump.

They did not want to find one. Trump’s bold and aggressive attitude received a significantly positive response from certain demographics in the US. Both Clinton and Bush had a naive style, Trump does not.

Now, Biden is a serious candidate.

Joe Biden can truly disrupt the plans of the Deep State. When he was the Vice President during Obama’s presidency, he was the reason many laws failed to pass.

Obama was against the Deep State, but he did not stand against them. He wanted to complete his 8 years of presidency, and stand aside, and that’s exactly what he did.

Even he is worried.

Many important people don’t know anything about this new order being established. They cannot even guess. It seems now that, many nations are lining up to borrow money from IMF the Deep State of America.

Let’s see if these financial relationships revolving around money will turn to revolve around IMFCOIN with the effects of the Coronavirus.

Will the IMF’s digital currency be used worldwide in a few years? Let’s think on it.

But I’m saying that this has all been about money. If a digital currency dependent on the dollar gets rolled out, would the US have debt anymore? I think not. Would the world be forced to depend on them? I think so. What do you think?

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