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Undoubtedly, one of the most important names of the times we live in is Gorbachev, who changed the age. Mikhail Gorbachev is the last Soviet leader. It is the name that carries the weight of the world and made the Soviets join into history.

He also lives in GERMANY. He gave an interview the other day, which is not much spoken about here.

Every sentence was a product of a GREAT MIND. I want to share the crucial points…

Speaking on everything from the PRESIDENTIAL race to the global equation to be held in the USA in November. Gorbachev also talked about the BIG BALANCE.

Gorbachev said, “Now the world is like a ship without a captain. It was like trains, although it was not accepted in the past. There were two engineers at both ends. So there was a balance. Even though it was complicated, the balance was between the USA and the Soviet Union. Now that balance is not. USA is strong but He said, “Who is the power against it? China? No. Russia? No. Germany or France? Neither. If it could act as one, the European Union might be. But it also faces big problems.”

In other words, he stated that the USA had to find the MONEY!

This is what I have been trying to explain for years.

The POINT OF VIEW taught to us this wrong and vicious!

It is like this in all our schools. Our ability to look ahead, read the game, and identify the sovereigns is limited. When this is the case, our feelings to protect and glorify our country and our motivation are being eroded. Turkey is one of the most important countries in the world. I have experienced and learned that the great powers also know this and establish a relationship on it.

I SAW! With thousands of examples.

Now the situation is different than before. You understand this when you watch the United States closely with a big lens. All over the world, CHINA is placed as the great power against the USA.

This is a correct and justified assessment. But CHINA is as big a country as it sells its produce to the USA. So the valve is in the hands of the USA again.

What is not agreed here is how assertive China will be. According to this claim, what it will produce and how much it will turn into money will be revealed. The mind behind China is the British.

The great actor who has been around for centuries, the great fiction master.

This master player challenged the USA by taking China and 65 countries that they determined as a coverage area with them. This is actually what happened.

According to Gorbachev, the USA is still the biggest power.

In my opinion, it is not possible for China to liquidate the USA alone and push it to the sidelines.

This is a method that can only be tried under the UK’s choral conducting. This is the one side of coin.

On the other side, there is the USA. Turbulence is experienced due to the gap formed after the balance collapsed. And there will be. Take a look at the last 20 years.

Perhaps 100 years of operational planning was the twin tower attacks.

After September 11, the USA entered Afghanistan and Iraq. The September 11 attacks were necessary for Washington to enter Afghanistan and Iraq. Terror was a much stronger argument for that day. The events that lasted nearly 20 years did not produce the desired result.

The United States could not establish full control. While every country in the world was affected after September 11, the result did not give what was expected. Now a second September 11 was required.

But the attack on New York or the Pentagon would not be effective today.

If an assassination was organized against the President of the USA, it might not have the desired effect. What could have been done? It’s a virus. Yes, Coronavirus is the new version was the September 11 attack. All parts of the world were affected.

Although it was not as effective as the SPANISH FLU or the PLAGUE OUTBREAK, its perception was more and more than all.

If you dropped atomic bombs on many countries, you wouldn’t be able to imprison 2.5 billion people in their homes. It is useful to look at the coronavirus with this eye.

The US occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan was the aftershocks of 9/11.

We see the aftershocks of today’s Coronavirus in the Mediterranean and the Southern Caucasus.

The USA wants to establish a strong domination. For this, there had to be tension in the Mediterranean and the Caucasus.

Even someone who knows a little bit of AMERICA can make this diagnosis!

While oil prices saw $ 10 with Coronavirus, nobody thought of the Mediterranean.

However, Libya also stood out during the pandemic process.

Because Libya was not just Libya. Libya was an important axis for the Mediterranean.

Then the Mediterranean tension involving nearly 30 countries.

Every country wants a lot.

This made the deal impossible.

In fact, this tension was determined by a great power.

Because if a problem cannot be solved, great power come and share it and ends the problem.

The USA even had a mind within itself that made a problem acute and solved it.

They were going to do this in the MEDITERRANEAN and in the Caucasus.

They would solve it by climbing.

They ignored even the blacks within themselvess for a long time, escalated the problems, and stepped in and solved at the final point.

This was the USA.

Complementing the issues I highlighted were Pompeo’s steps in development.

The USA started to speak up gradually.

Mike POMPEO has contacted Greece twice within 1 month. This is no ordinary occurrence.

Pompeo made over 10 visits to the Mediterranean, Middle East and Europe in 5-6 months.

In the past, no US Secretary of State has made such a standout.

The USA has decided to take South Caucasus, namely Azerbaijan, Armenia and Georgia completely on its own axis.

Therefore, Armenia made an operation to Azerbaijan.

The force behind this operation is Artak Matevosi Davtyan, former Chief of General Staff of Armenia, who took the orders entirely from the CIA.

Artak Matevosi Davtyan, who was removed by a special team with his gun on his head on June 8, 2020, is still the most influential name in the Armenian army.

Now, the Armenia-Azerbaijan tension was the second step after the Mediterranean.

Next, there are the third and fourth steps. The third step will be based in Syria.

If the US and Russia agree on a new Syria, Assad will settle in Moscow.

There will be unexpected developments in Syria.

What needs to be done is to follow James Jeffrey with a special lens!

While the USA only wants to share its sovereignty with itself, the opposing players are Britain, China, and the European Union, as Gorbachev passed.

Turkey’s surprise player in this league. Ankara is in events in an unusual way.

Never gives an ANKARA photo, sitting at home and consenting to fate.

This cake will come from increasing the number of shares as suffering from being grown in Turkey.

As Turkey blinks to the English and Chinese alliance it made Washington angry.

Therefore, I repeat, the tension will increase much more in MEDITERRANEAN-SYRIA-IRAQ-CAUCASUS.

Opposite is a USA that does not listen to anyone and does not consider them in alliance.

As a result, 65 countries on the SILK ROAD are waiting for opportunities to confront Washington.

They want to increase the pressure around Turkey because Turkey is in the center.

They are objecting to Ankara because Ankara is making it’s own way.

This is the case…

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