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Old Model

We have little chance of seeing what happened by looking at front of our door.

The First and Second World War, the influence of the USA, the effect of the result and the subsequent GLOBAL FICTIONS.

From the CIA to the IMF, from the World Bank to NATO.

Consequently, every state, every company, every army had a duty.

Ours too.

No need to open old threads. Our 60 years are gone.

There was an interesting state on the table even though it had not entered World War II!


It was attacked by the Japanese, but the US was bringing it to the table despite the Soviet’s objection.


This is not something that we can ever understand from a daily look.

However, the American story is different.

Once upon a time there was a poor, angry and isolated monk kingdom called China.

Two visionary statesmen, Richard Nixon and Henry Kissinger, visited and opened this unhappy country to the world.

They took money and technology with them

However, as CHINA became richer, it rebelled with its despotic rule rather than remaining loyal to the United States.

It undermined Washington.

Then it harassed its neighbors.

Roughly, that’s the story.

Then there was Nixon’s self-criticism, “We may have created a Frankenstein with our own hands”!

The USA was a two-party system, but whoever came to it, its compatibility with CHINA was unique.

Clinton or Bush.

Because the US ELITE was taming all its employees, all company owners, all voices over CHINA.

Wage policies, trade unions, activists on the road for the environment.

They were all melted into this game.

Taking China with its side, the US was pushing the Soviets across and making it Europe’s nightmare.

If you have a COMMUNIST GIANT neighbor, you will try to protect YOUR REGIME-DEMOCRACY.

Europe did so.

Therefore, Turks went to Germany to ACI ABROAD since the 1960s.

The wealth was there!

However, as a result of the game established by the USA, Europe had to keep the fees high in order to protect itself.

The USA, which placed China at the command of CAPITALISM with cheap labor, was forcing Europe to high costs with FEAR OF THE SOVIET.

Everyone was frightened by a BOSS.

Because we were used to the one-step way of thinking, we didn’t see what was going on.

China’s working hours and wage policies were outside the accepted rules!

They were constantly producing.

Big brands took COMMUNIST CHINA hostage.

They were producing, earning a handful of ELITES and controlling the world.

This was America!

If it didn’t hit 5 birds with one stone, he wouldn’t throw it!

Now Biden has arrived.

He talks about CLIMATE!

Carbon emissions are among the top issues.

If the country that polluted the world was to be searched, it was CHINA that was pulled up by the USA.

This was not SECRET either.

Now obviously they want to take back China, keep it controlled.

Earlier this week, two aircraft carriers WITH the USA FLAG in the South China Sea, China saw this as a “disrupting peace and stability “ move.

The United States accuses China of “militarizing the South China Sea, intimidating its neighbors such as Malaysia, the Philippines and Vietnam”.

But all of this is in front of the screen.

USA, raising China, remained indifferent to the events in TÄ°ANANMEN SQUARE, led by university students.

It did not react!

The young people who erected the statue of the ‘Goddess of Democracy’ against the portrait of Mao Zedong encountered the fire of the soldiers!

Pandemic, Covid-19, vaccine, deaths, filection teams, mutation, closure, closing the borders of countries, suspending travels, imposing curfews, starting work from home, leaving schools to ONLINE lessons, the introduction of masks into our lives, Banning anti-Vaccine rhetoric on channels such as Instagram such as Facebook and Twitter , claiming that new epidemics are on the way.

The underlying truth of all is the ECONOMY!

Covid-19 is more effective than wars.

People are at home and unemployed.

This number will increase gradually.

Countries will switch to a LOW WAGE policy to turn their economies.

BIG COMPANIES will win, people will lose.

Until this happens, we will watch POLITICAL skirmishes and gun shows.

A future where only GREATS like AMAZON live is outside the door.

This is what comes with the VACCINE and the VIRUS.

They will change the order they set with the war with THE VIRUS and format everyone.

They will also gnaw AWAY the opposing states from within.

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