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One Way

The US Presidential election is still not clear. According to the results, Biden is about to win. I’m looking around both Biden and Trump. Oddly enough, Trump seems to be being pushed into loneliness.

As we shared for two days, Trump thinks he lost as a result of the postal votes. He comes with constant court threats. The other side continues on its way. But it is imperative to go out of the magazine and understand what is going on.

Let’s write on the questions that comes. Those who follow will know. Because we shared before. As the dates show June 9, 2018, the famous German magazine Der Spiegel came out with the cover

“Stop this quart Trump-Erdogan-Cinping-Putin”

The 4 strongest leaders in the world were targeted. So who was the magazine and what did they trust? Were they out of their mind?

It was not possible to understand and explain this without finding the answer to these questions. I’ll talk about the magazine, but first again a MEANINGFUL reminder. Because it’s an event that everyone skips.

On the night of November 2, the night before the US elections, Vienna trembled with the terrorist attack. The attack was served to the world as news. Why was Vienna and IS attacks coming side by side?  It was coming because it was also about the US PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION!

An armed attack was carried out near a synagogue in Vienna. One of the attackers was killed by the police. 4 people lost their lives and 15 people were injured. Vienna was no ordinary point. It was the center of the Holy Roman German Empire.

The message was given that it would be dangerous for the GERMEN ecole to gain power over Biden in the USA. This is why Vienna was chosen. Many people know and speak of British power in the USA.

But GERMANS are also very, very powerful. If we look at the history of the USA, you can see their wars with the British.

Kennedy, the first Catholic President of the USA, said “I am from BERLIN” because he wanted the USA to march with the Germans. This breakout cost him his life. He asked for a new FICTION, saying “NO” to the Soviets in great balance and to the supervision of the British.

And this prepared the end of John F. Kennedy…

Let’s go back to the magazine…

Spiegel is the voice of CATHOLICS. It is a very, very important publication. It is one of two or three publications that have a global MISSION in the world. It can not be published without US Department of Defense, that is, the Pentagon seeing it. Two years ago, a power within the US targeted Trump through DER SPIEGEL.  Trump knew this too. Look at the German media, you will see. Let’s go from what the magazine cannot say. And let’s make a prophecy. Let’s move forward thinking that Biden is coming. A power within the US thinks that Trump paved the way for China by pulling down INTERNATIONAL INSTITUTIONS. He has the idea that Trump supports China, knowingly or unknowingly, by saying that he is against “GLOBALIZATION”.

If Trump stays, the two big will probably rule the world!

USA and CHINA! This is where the Biden difference will emerge. Globalization will not be at the desired level, but it will stop China with some key countries. This is its purpose. If Trump remains, the world system that will be designed as G2 will turn into a G1 shape with Biden. So Biden will be sent to the White House to keep the US as the only boss. Everything from digital money to the internet of things to 5G will enter our lives, but the USA will be the only boss.  Certainly some key countries will have roles.  But these roles will continue until they stop CHINA completely. This is the main difference with Trump! Of course, Biden will not do this. He will only give the necessary approval. A timed news fell while Biden was walking to the White House.

It was important!

A striking claim came from the British media about Russian President Vladimir Putin. Putin has been in the grip of Parkinson’s disease since 2012, according to the report based on the Daily Mail’s  information obtained from sources in Moscow.

He would leave the post of head of state at the end of January!

This news shook everywhere. The Kremlin later denied this, but the time of the news was very, very interesting. While Trump was leaving, Putin was wanted to be added next to him!

The information was reaching the Daily Mail as a result of the intelligence operation. Putin’s right arm was expressed as an asymmetrically reduced arm swing and the finding was a symptom of  Parkinson’s disease.

So Putin, the second major player on Der Spiegel’s cover, was also on target. Two and a half years have passed since the magazine’s publication and we were now seeing the traces of the war. Trump, on the other hand, announced that he would object to the election results and was trying to hold on.

Naturally, he was tense.

US President Donald Trump lashed out at FOX, his supporter in Arizona who announced that Biden had taken the lead, and called the owner of the channel, Fox News’ boss Rupert Murdoch, and demanded “retract this news immediately”.

The media boss hung up and the news continued live the same. The president seemed unable to speak. Rupert Murdoch, who was in the same side with Trump, was also withdrawing his support.

This was also very important!

Trump does not give up, arguing that there was CHEATING in the elections. Therefore, he held a press conference at the White House. He was officially fighting. “If you count the legal votes, I will win easily. There will be a lot of lawsuits. Because we have too much evidence and this process can end at the highest court in our country. You will see. We will file a lot of lawsuits because this election may have been stolen from us.”

After the allegations, channels such as ABC, CBS and NBC stopped broadcasting their live press conference.

He left the White House!

US President Trump’s power was being taken back. That’s what it looked like for now. After what we have written so far, the following question is waiting for an answer.

You can even ask this…

You said, “Yesterday you wrote that Biden will work with Erdogan. Today, 4 leaders on the cover of Der Spiegel are also targets.”

Contradiction? “No!

The force that brought Biden will deal with Trump and Putin. In the 2016 Presidential elections, the Russian Intervention thesis, the plunge around Trump, these were all steps for the future. If Biden comes, he will fight directly and comprehensively with China. Germany will be with them. When Biden puts Russia in the lane, he will cut the chance of China coming to Europe without Moscow. When Germany came next near to them, it meant that difficult times were at the door for CHINA. Here, the scene pointed to Turkey. Turkey was different. It was Muslim country!

The effect was very, very much. And it was not a country that could be targeted directly like Russia. It had the possibility to reach the Mediterranean and the Africa through CHINA-IRAN-TURKEY. For these and similar reasons they would sit at the table with Turkey. The British, they can not breathe without Turkey. The importance of the Mediterranean was always obvious that Turkey would remain the star. The world, which is thought to be bipolar, even 4 poles, seems to be unipolar with Joe Biden.

This is the trajectory change of the USA!

For new money, new political system, new internet, new communication, the USA would gather everyone to the table and ask for support and then go the way it knows. Turkey, as I write all the time was very, very important. Nobody could turn away. Especially now, Everyone had a lot more need for Turkey. Turkey would be heard by everyone as it was yesterday. Probably, the adventure of repprochement with the EUROPEAN UNION will start again…

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