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Let us enter the S-400 sanctions of the USA today and get out of the SMART passport that COVID-19 will cause.

Let us understand both the struggle and its parties …

The United States, CAATSA announced that it was imposing sanctions under the US Law of Fighting Its Adversaries through Sanctions to Turkey because Turkey has purchased S-400 Air Defense Systems from Russia.

The Defense Industry President İsmail Demir was included in the sanction list.

Mr Ismail is an incredible figure of importance for Turkey.

The education, achievements and knowledge he received are too long and valuable to fit here.

If I had a chance, I would give him this position for life.

I would keep him above the parties.

I wouldn’t let anyone touch him.

For our country.

When we look at the sanctions, it is obvious that it is aimed at disrupting his motivation.

Values are sometimes missed because we view events with some form of love.

The USA knows İsmail Demir well.

They take him to the center.

They want İsmail Bey and his team to lose their appetite and end the liveliness of the projects.

SANCTION applications are a subtle message to Turkey!

Another way of saying “Come to us now” to Ankara, which is warm to taking place on the London-Beijing line.

US Secretary of State Pompeo went on a trip to 7 countries last month.

France was in the first place.

He met with Macron.

He spoke to LE FİGARO there. “Turkey’s growing military capabilities are a source of concern,” he said.

Then he came to Istanbul.

He did not come side by side with anyone from the STATE.

After meeting with Fener Greek Orthodox Patriarch Bartholomeos, Pompeo went to RUSTOM PASA MOSQUE.

He did not go to Hagia Sophia and gave the message “WE DO NOT ACKNOWLEDGE YOUR MOSQUE DECISION”.

He had already signalled the SANCTIONS while meeting with Macron.

He came to Turkey from France then visited Georgia, Israel, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia.

He didn’t have a break whilst encircling Turkey on a global scale.

Pompeo was a REPUBLIC, but he acted with Biden’s motto “We will work with our allies” and showed this with the countries he went to.

STATE MIND was ahead.

USA was persistently sending a message to Turkey “BREAK AWAY FROM RUSSIA!” by hugging the card “SANCTIONS”

After the verdict, Pompeo “Turkey purchasing S-400 systems from Russia and continued its testing operation despite our warning. We will not tolerate significant transactions with Russia’s defense sector” he said.

Now Washington is waiting for Turkey if it will return to WEST or not.

This is their problem.

If Turkey will continue on its own way and does not return, the tension will increase a lot.

That’s clear!

EUROPEAN UNION will also be involved.

Both Merkel and Macron were waiting for the US to take a step first.

The moment the USA will increase the tension, EUROPE will also take the stage with SANCTIONS.

Ankara is also prepared for this.

If the situation develops like this, serious help should come from the London-Doha-Beijing line.

It has to come.

That’s the BALANCE!.

Now, Europe should be watched carefully.

The alliance began from China, will not be asked to come down to Russia, Iran, the Middle East via Turkey and Africa.

Let’s go back to the beginning of the article…

We jotted down some news.

To benefit when the time comes.

Swiss-based security firm SICPA, French health data platform OpenHealth, and Estonia-based blockchain firm Guardtime formed a consortium to develop a blockchain-based COVID-19 health passport.

This was the news.

The Healthy Passport was designed to manage health and monitor population immunity levels.

SICPA provides ink for security documents and banknotes.

OpenHealth has an unspecified database of 20 million patients.

Guardtime’s enterprise blockchain solution is used by the Estonian government.

In other words when we are struggling with the pandemic, it vaccinates open headlines hidden everywhere.

“Which VACCINE is better” question is perhaps the most used mould!

PfizerBioNTech, AstraZeneca, Sputnik V, Moderna. Issues imposed after the epidemic VACCINE!

Already, everyone from the former US Presidents to Bill Gates has already announced that they will be vaccinated.

No one listens to scientists who cannot make their voices heard because they cannot find a place in the media.

Nobody is against the VACCINE. Shouldn’t be.

However, with the BLOCKCHAIN integration, everyone will be followed by both their passports and their certificates.

Nobody will even go for tea without saying it!

There will be no such thing as “SPECIAL”.

And some bands, some focuses, some clicks, some configurations will be excluded!

The ordinary citizen will never know what CERTIFICATE has been given to whom.

While the elites get a passport without vaccination, they can have a passport without sharing information, while ordinary people will not be able to step without a Vaccine card, without a certificate.


The year was 2018! Cuneyt Zapsu gave an interview there.

ZAPSU was a very respected, very smart name who followed the world very well.

The network of relationships was also a very very powerful person.

He said: “We are the last generation of normal people. Bill Gates was speaking of smartphones in the early 1990s. Stem cell came up in Davos 15 years ago. Nobody even knew. This is not a place where the dollar is talked about. It is a human being in the near future. The elite class will decide. We will not talk about my phone, my computer has been hacked. Our brains will be hacked. We are the last generation that has the ability to think. “

Someone wandering around in Davos with a Turkish flag was saying this.

This is why Covid-19 was invented.

Transforming everyone is an artificial problem posed for the rule of a small elite!

They will be able to dominate everything over data.

This is the reason why the VACCINE is so talked about!

The problem was magnified, the masses were ready! In other words, we are faced with both POLITICAL HACKING and PERSONAL HACKING.

While there are such important issues, look at what we talked inside and you decide…

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