Mon 2 Rabi Al Awwal 1442AH 19-10-2020AD


One day an old peasant came to complain about his son to Hodja Mufti Efendi:-My honourable Hodja, my son beat me in the field yesterday, he hit me with the whip that we use for the oxen. I was hurt, I cried excessively and thought did I raise my child for this? What can I do in this situation as an old man? I came to you, show me a way, guide me.I don’t know what to do my Hodja, I beg you, help me.Mufti Efendi says:-Fe SubhanAllah. How can a child beat his father? Did you teach your religion to your son? Didn’t you tell your son that it’s very important to get a mother and father’s blessing? Didn’t you teach him any manners? Peasant says:-My dear Hodja! You know how the village is, as you know, I couldn’t teach him. We have to work in the village, animals have to be tended to and herded, we have to deal with wooden logs and timbers. These are important things that have to be done for our survival.Mufti Efendi says to the crying old man:-Then listen to me old peasant father! Forgive your son, he must have mistaken you for the oxenhe herds. Because your son thinks there is no difference between you and the oxe. You didn’t teach your son the valueof being a father. He hit you as he hits the oxen. Or else, a child can’t raise his hand to his father. He explained to the peasant that he couldn’t fulfill his fatherhood responsibilitues and duties.

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