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Pay attention to Tovuz

It is MONEY and WAR that has left its mark on the time frame we are going through right now!

Put COVID-19, the Mediterranean crisis, Syria, the Karabakh issue, TANAP, TAP, Turkish Stream, North Stream, EASTMED, assassinations and terrorism together, and you will face money.

Put it side by side, you will see MONEY again…

In order to understand all that is going on, it is necessary to take an economic topography of the United States of America. If the problem with them is analyzed correctly, it can be predicted about where and how they will intervene. The most popular topic is China’s challenge to the USA. YES, that’s really the case.

But what makes China is China, paves the way for commercial superiority over the United States?

It is useful to start here. If this is known, it will be revealed where and how Washington will apply pressure. Until yesterday, the US saw unfair practices as the cause of the trade deficit with China.

The White House has often emphasized the need to change the lottery. However, this was not the case The cause of the trade deficit between the USA and China was not China but global American companies!


It’s countless anyway.

The goods offered by these brands to the USA seemed to be IMPORTED. This was the main cause of the deficit. Many economists do not understand the Chinese model. But the main factor that makes China China is the production capability, technology and business knowledge provided by American companies. Most of the US economy was simply pulled out of the US and sent to China.

This is the reason why China is advancing much faster than anticipated.

This was a positive development for China and negative for the US!

When American companies went to China, the middle class faced great difficulties. Purchasing power has dropped…

Growth fell.

Even considering state by state, it is seen that the tax rates collected decrease when jobs move abroad. Social services were disrupted. Thereupon, the FED opened the money taps and everyone borrowed even more. The accumulated debts also started to become a national danger. The first move that needs to be done to solve this internal problem is to return home to US companies.

It is the return of globalization to the USA and changing shape and entering a new course from there.

As TRUMP knows this, he has shown the target by saying “CHINA DOES NOT WANT ME TO BE PRESIDENT AGAIN”.

Not enough! He accused CHINA as the country that spread CORONAVIRUS. He reserved his compensation cases. In the window of espionage, intellectual property theft and human rights violations, it has also been severely battered. The tension increased even more, the USA closed the Chinese consulate in Houston, China did not hold back  and responded in the same way.

They also ordered a lock on the door of the US Chengdu consulate.

Just as this was happening, FBI Director Christopher Wray came out and said, “China’s threat to US interests has greatly accelerated in the last 10 years. A new counterintelligence investigation is launched on China every 10 hours.”

USA companies that are not thinking to go back to China, Great Minds of Britain, Silk Road and the Turkey that rapidly receding from USA to opposide side.

All over the world, it was going into operation for a solution without the need for war.

As such, the United States was confronted directly or indirectly in Libya, Syria, Karabakh, the Balkans, Sudan, the Middle East and many other places.

German-Russian rapprochement was standing before us in the Caucasus as in Libya or Syria.

There was pressure from that line against England.


But there was only one power that totally wanted to control the SILK ROAD, China and the power lines. That was the United States of America!

It was they who wanted to turn NATO into NATO-ME, that is, NATO-MIDDLE EAST.

And those who want to walk with the Gulf and ARAB countries.

Undermining the UK-China alliance in energy basins was the main goal.

The second goal is to make NEGATIVE touches wherever the SILK ROAD passes by sea or land.

Fixing their own economies, protecting the dollar, increasing production were essential for them to continue as imperial power. If they controlled ENERGY, that is oil and gas, they would have captured China, England and the SILK ROAD.

If this happened, there would be no company left that would not obey!

This is roughly the situation on Earth…

Let’s come to AZERBAIJAN…

Armenian attack…

The July attacks were the main sign.

It also showed TOVUZ.

That is the main point to be looked at in Azerbaijan.

Although the conflicts are now shifting south, the target is TOVUZ!

Given the great support from Turkey, Azerbaijan around Nagorno-Karabakh army continues its advance. It is not easy to get distance in the area where the steepest slopes are. If we consider the support behind the other side, it is extremely meaningful that the march of the TURKISH UNIONS continues.

AĞDERE and AĞDAM regions with steep slopes are the places where the tension rises. Places such as LAÇİN, KUBATLI, and CABRAYIL are also included. AZERI will soon establish great supremacy here. However, these points are not to be looked at.

While the clashes were continuing, clashes and frictions started between the Azerbaijanis and the Georgians on the GÜRCÜ border.

Villages are officially intertwined!

This is a new development. If you follow LAVROV carefully. He says they can do anything at any time.

While the conflicts are taking place in the south, there is a possibility that the Russians will descend to the TOVUZ region with making a cause. The target is the Iron Silk Road and TANAP, which carries gas to Europe. The USA aims to control the ENERGY TRANSITION POINTS and SUPPLY, either by its own power or by the forces it pushes forward. It doesn’t hide that either. Turkey after the coup last July 15 in the origin of NATO relations with Washington have taken to suspend the case thoroughly.

USA knows that Turkey will take place in Britain-China alliance, and for this reason its aim is the creating pressure from all lanes. By forming multiple problems for Turkey they want to distribute our attention.

This is the ARMENIAN problem!

But the main issue that nobody has written is completely different. The USA or deep America has put the British BP company first in the Caucasus. The formation and spread of the contractions should also be viewed in this way. We also write details about BP.

to understand the war and the struggle…

War is all over the world.

Turkey is the most important, because it is the most critical country in the center of contention.

It is useful to look at things like this…

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