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Payitaht AbdulHamid Season 1

This show is based on the Final Era of the Ottomons… As a result “Payitaht” showing the struggles of The Great Caliph “AbdulHamid” & his fight against the Zionist Jews & world leaders who aim to overthrow the great Osmanli State.

Sultan AbdulHamid’s turbe(tomb) address: Mollafenari, Türbedar Sk. No:15, 34120 Fatih/İstanbul

Sultan AbdulHamid ruled the state for 33 years.

He took over a ”sick state”.
He ruled with his ”balanced politics”.
He was the genious leader in world, in the previous century

Some of Sultan AbdulHamid’s Innovations:

•He established 32 schools to train teachers (Bursa Çelebi Mehmet school as its current name), opened a Girls Teacher School (Daarül Malumat).
• He had primary schools built in each village where there was a mosque (for example, the number of primary schools in only Sivas is 1637), he increased the literacy rate by 5 times, (in 1900, the number of primary schools was 29.130, there were 14 thousand primary schools in only Anatolia)
• The number of secondary schools (Rüşdiye) increased to 619, French lessons were given.
• 109 highschools were opened (İstanbul Men-Kabataş High School …)
• He established the world’s first dental school and university in Istanbul.
• Naval Engineer School, Military Medical School (the ancestor of GATA), Kuleli Military School, Military Schools, Military Veterinary School, Staff Officer School, Faculty of Political Sciences, Medical School (Marmara Unv. Faculty of Medicine), School of Law, Agriculture and Veterinary School, Engineering msc School, Supreme Court of Justice School, Business School, Maritime Business School, Fine Arts Faculty, Academy of Economic and Commercial Sciences, Tribe School (to spread the idea of ​​Ottomanity), School of Silkworming in Bursa, School for the visually and verbally challenged, Viticulture and Cooking School, Forest and Mining School, Police School.. all were founded by him.
• He also founded a Shepherd School in Ankara.

This will continue at Season 2. For now, enjoy Season 1!

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