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Payitaht AbdulHamid Season 2

The throne was a period when nationalist uprisings peaked.With 1829 the Edirne Treaty the Greek declared independence, followed with 1878 the Berlin Treaty, and Serbs, Montenegro and Romanians declared their independence. The lands were being lost. But oddly enough, he sensed that the Muslim lands he called as ‘ours” were going to be lost.England, which has an eye for the underground wealth of this region, was conducting serious studies on this region through its agents.

II. AbdulHamid Han embraced the idea of ​​ummah against this policy and tried to activate the caliphate. With the support of Germany and the Berlin-Baghdad Railway Project he could control the people of the region. This was the political side of his project.

One of the most important characteristics of Sultan AbdulHamid was the importance he gave to education. He believed that salvation would be through education. For this reason, he started a big educational project.
He opened the Tribe Schools. On September 21, 1892, with these schools, he took the children of tribal leaders and tribe’s kids in the places where Arabians were and began training in Istanbul. Then, four students were taken from each places like Aleppo, Syria, Mosul, Basra, Diyarbakir, Tripoli, Jerusalem and Benghazi. The only condition wanted was that these students had to be 12-16 years old. The education period was extended from two years to five years.

Besides the religious sciences such as Qur’an, Hadith, Fiqh, Catechism; French, Turkish, Geography, interstate relations and politics, military courses were taught. Later, with the intense desire of the people of the region, tribe schools spread the country wide. Graduates of this school entered the military and civil service schools.

However, in 1907, the deep forces made Abdulhamid close these schools for various reasons. Imam Hatip High Schools, which today are the stakeholders of the Tribe Schools, were closed down and made ineffective for a time. Whom do the enemies of AbdulHamid who knew that spirituality was the only power to hold this country together call as the enemy today?

Let’s look at other innovations:
• He opened our first modern pharmacy and brought electricity and gas for the first time.
• He brought the first car and had a 5,000 km road built.
• He had one of the world’s first subways between Karaköy and Taksim built, and established equestrian and electric trams.
• Jerusalem-Jaffa, Ankara-Istanbul and Hejaz railways were built (also Haydarpaşa Train Station)
• He had thousands of photographs of Istanbul taken and started archeology museum studies.
• He is the first person to make our country enter in the tourism fair in Chicago.
• After the rabies vaccine was found, he opened the first Rabies Hospital in Turkey (Istanbul Darü’l-Kelb Treatment Center).

This will continue at Season 3. For now, enjoy Season 2!


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