Tue 10 Rabi Al Awwal 1442AH 27-10-2020AD

Payitaht AbdulHamid Season 4

This was also the case of Sultan AbdulHamid Han. For many years he was looked at from the eyes of his enemies and the west. This is unfortunately made as an official discourse.

Now the seal is in the hands of those who call Sultan AbdulHamid Han as “Great Khan” We have the proverb. This is: Truth surely wins. Lie cannot be long-lived.

Sultan AbdulHamid Han’s life is really touching. His priority was to ensure the unity and solidarity of the nation as the Sultan and of the Ummah as the Caliph.

It was to try to prevent the colonialists from conquering Islamic countries. It was to prevent British, French and Russian expansionism. For thirty-three years he struggled for this. (Inspired by Assoc. Prof. İbrahim Kalın’s book, Öteki ve Ötesi.)

Act of Allah. AbdulHamid desperately had to watch the loss of Rumelia during the Balkan War; the fall of our big cities such as Baghdad and Jerusalem during the Jihan War. Perhaps it can be a consolation: On February 10, 1918, he deliberately rested because of knowing that Mosul, Damascus and Aleppo. If we think about that Sultan Reşad passed away in the same year (3 July), we can understand his deep sorrow in the face of the losses. The state was dismembered, the nation fell apart, and the ummah was in captivity of the imperialists.


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