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It is still unclear who would be the president of the United States when we started writing this.

Neither candidate had reached the 270 required delegates.

When Trump said, “We’ll start celebrating,” Biden replied, “How can he make such an exit without seeing the result?”

As I wrote the day before, Trump was posting the election to the HIGH COURT in the early hours.

With the arrival of the last member AMY CONEY BARRETT, the distribution in the court was completely turning to Trump,more precisely to the KOCHs who wanted to redesign the USA with the 400 billionaires who were the power behind.

It doesn’t matter who wins in the US elections.

The important thing is what would be the US ‘GLOBAL POLICY …

The arrival of Trump in 2016 and the president to be elected now also included.

They were all on plan.

The state, which brought books, leeks, cabbage, tomatoes to homes with drones, was making elections with postal cars!

Is this the work of APPLE, Microsoft, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, the country where he was born?

Can a sane person accept this?

Everything that happened is the continuation of the great fiction.

Look, Trump came in 2016.

Before his arrival, a Russian report was sent to the FBI from the British intelligence service MI6.

Many people next to Trump in the file were connected to MOSCOW.

There were developments like the House of Cards series, which tells us about conspiracies in Washington.

As the information was revealed, many people still did not understand what was happening and tried to pass it off by saying CONSPIRACY.

The human mind would push that he/she doesn’t understand.

This was the easy one.

This was done.

Numerous people were in the file, from National Security Adviser Michael Flynn to Campaign Director Paul Manafort, Foreign Affairs Advisor George Papadopoulos to Trump Jr.

The spectrum was expanding from Sergey Kislyak, known as a cheerful and charismatic character who served as Russia’s Embassy in Washington, to Minister of Justice Sessions, who met with him, from Russian lawyer Natalia Veseltnitkaya to pop singer Emin-Aras Agalarov.

In the final analysis, Mueller, the special prosecutor, closed the file and stepped aside.

But outside interference came to people’s minds and the US elections.

The perception that the Russians had achieved this was somewhat scraped.

Nothing happens randomly in the USA.

A state that claims to rule the world will not toss a coin. They don’t.

This turbulence in 2016 marked the 2020 presidential election 4 years later.

It had to.

Because postal voting had to explode.

A state that could get election results in a few minutes with a smart application was putting postal cars into action.

In 2016, when Trump came, the postal vote was 33 million. This number has now risen to 82 million, when the Russian intervention is on the minds.

So do you think that Trump’s arrival in 2016, the meeting of the world with the coronavirus, the disconnection of supply chains, the beginning of turning towards nation states, the weakening of globalization, the explosion of postal votes were different things from each other?

Of course not!

This is what we had to understand!

We were making decisions just by looking at the photo in front of us and making an assessment.

In 2018, Trump was saying at the UN, “We are at the end of GLOBALIZATION. We refuse to go global.”

It had been two years since he came to the White House and he had been talking big.

It wasn’t actually he who said it! It was the decision of those who brought him there.

The United States has had a foreign trade deficit of 13 trillion USD in the last 20 years.

They spent it without losing anything from their comfort.

However, this money was not theirs. And they would end this system somewhere.

They would both get rid of their debts and switch to the new system.

This was what they had in mind …

Now everybody is talking about RECESSION!

As for Covid-19, global supply chains broke off, air transport almost stopped.

Countries began to close their borders, restrict some freedoms, and bring the military and police to the streets.

As governments “bypassed” parliaments, fluctuations of violence not seen in the financial markets for decades showed themselves. The price wars that started in the oil markets increased the uncertainties in the financial markets.

As states began to fight with the virus, not only borders, but also businesses began to close.

In addition to factories, restaurants, cafes, “fast food” restaurants, cell phone shops, famous chains have started to lay off tens of thousands of employees. A population face-to-face with the risk of unemployment, not being able to take care of their family, not paying the rent of their house, mortgage installments, credit card instalments suddenly and rapidly started to increase.

On the one hand, supply chains stop factories and create a supply problem in the economy, on the other hand, the precaution taken against the epidemic led especially small businesses to bankruptcy.

As unemployment increased, a serious demand problem was beginning to occur in the economy.

IS IT CORRECT? Yes, that was the case in the world.

So right …

The First World War brought about the collapse of 1929 and the crisis of the 1930s.

It caused the rise of fascism and Nazism.

This led to World War II.

As a result, the United Nations and Bretton Woods emerged.

Naturally, the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund.

Action brought reaction.

Now we are going through such a climate.

The arrival of Trump or the arrival of Biden, which will resemble TRUMP, will not stop this trend.

When human life is threatened, it returns to the center of everything, the first reaction is to hold on to what we know. We look around!

Specially, we don’t trust the stranger and the global.

The coronavirus brought this.

The change should have started within the US.

It was not easy to get people to vote by mail.

Fear was essential.

And that fear was not far away anymore.

State sovereignty was pushed into the background as technology developed, digital life came to our door, and markets became global. The states then remembered their protection responsibilities.

Or reminded!

A power within the US said to the world, “The new world is coming. But we cannot leave it to a group. 5G,

the internet of things, and digital money will be under our control.”

Everything we lived through was to win this war.

As I highlighted at the beginning, we were only interested in the next track.

We did not think that the Russian investigation over the coronavirus, the postal voting, and the US deep state would be able to elect the president it wanted. And we weren’t thinking about the new world that would come next.

Such is the fight between the elites that set out to establish the global system and the power within the USA.

Although nation-states gain strength, globalization is not exhausted.

The war is to take over this command center.

US presidential elections are also important to guarantee the first front.

It doesn’t matter if it’s Trump or Biden.

The USA will establish and manage the new system remotely. It won’t be in every problem.

They have this in their heads. Therefore, each region will establish its own equation.

Those who cannot establish will fight.

They will try to raise concerns within Europe and China with pressure.

Those who cannot cope with anxiety will also disturb their environment.

Let’s see if the US can implement this plan!

That’s what we’ve been through. All.

Even the Armenian-Azerbaijani war was a test…

Like Libya…

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