Sun 16 Rajab 1442AH 28-2-2021AD

Power Demonstration

DAILY political debates, comments made from the windows of the parties, citing names, tension-oriented issues are abundant in us.

It is not a situation to be troubled by.

However, everyone must focus on the newly established world.

The direction Turkey goes, the alliances and the fronts it has opened are important.

When we understand this, we can read everything from FOREIGN AFFAIRS TO MIT, MEDIA TO ECONOMY with a GUIDE.

As we shared many times, the balance that Turkey is establishing externally determines the internal politics.

Let’s open … and understand …

Libya celebrated the 69th anniversary of its independence on December 24.

Caliph Hafter made threatening statements against the Turkish soldier.

“I urge all our forces to be ready to fight against the Turkish forces in Libya. The age of your colonial illusions is over. You have to choose whether to leave peacefully or by force,” Haftar said.

It was more important what the power behind made him say it.

It is not difficult to see that Egypt and the United Arab Emirates are behind Haftar even at first glance.

So when it comes to Egypt and the United Arab Emirates, can we see the anti-QATAR coalition here in 2017? Of course.

In the final analysis, when Egypt is the subject, it is obvious that SISI and its coup d’état are always accepted in the USA.

Neither President Obama nor Trump were thinking different about the SISI subject.

Washington has always supported Cairo…

The same was valid for the GULF countries.

In other words, it was not Haftar that threatened the TURKISH STATE, it was the APPARENT coalition between them.

Haftar was absent for a long time and made this statement. So what happened right after that?

The Minister of National Defense Hulusi Akar went to Libya with the Chief of General Staff Gen. Yaşar Güler and the Force Commanders.

It was officially a show of strength.

Akar replied to Haftar in the language he could understand:

“This war criminal, the murderer, Haftar and his supporters should know that in any attempt to attack Turkey, the murderer Haftar elements will be seen as legitimate targets everywhere. They keep this in mind. “

So how should we read all this? Who was falling where? Who was walking with whom?

I think these were the questions with least emphasis on.

And while THE SEARCH FOR A NEW GLOBAL BALANCE and even the war continues.

Every step taken by Turkey was in the triangle QATAR-AZERBAIJAN-LIBYA, that is, in the region remaining in the meantime, it was an indication that no one can listen to anyone.

Open the map and see.

The region I am trying to describe includes the MEDITERRANEAN SEA, GULF, THE RED SEA.

When you add the moves ‘DIJBOUTI-SUDAN-SOMALI’ You will understand the direction Turkey goes and what it wants to do.

The break happened in Turkey and in the world in 2013, pushing everyone into new alliances.

The search was inevitable. So it happened.

Ankara established a brand new bridge with London, especially after July 15.

England was already announcing that it was going after a new fiction with BREXIT.

However, steps taken without Turkey would not be too long-winded.

A brand new generation was coming through China.

But here what’s vital is Russia-Iran-Turkey.

Without them, not even a pen from China could come here.

Geography is fate and Turkey as a unique location.

When the COMPOSITION was formed, that is, when the UK gave an OPEN CHEQUE, the Turkish military began to be seen everywhere and rule the roost.

Dealing with internal problems, MEHMETÇİK suddenly started to show flags in Syria, Azerbaijan and Libya.

In the seas within the QATAR-AZERBAIJAN-LIBYA triangle I described above, the TURKISH NAVY was unrivaled.

Everyone, friendly and foe knew this.

Turkey was holding the CAUCASUS in one hand and Middle East-Africa on the other hand.

Turkey was taking a role for the new world that would establish itelf through China.

It was showing strength.

As a result, it spoke in the upper curtain as a great player.

Khalifa Haftar or Sisi were the spokesmen of the counter block.

For this reason, it was not surprising that the EGYPTIAN delegation also landed in TRIPOLI on the day Akar was in Libya.

President Erdogan did not attend the dinner in New York, where he went to UN visits, because there was “SISI on the TABLE” during both OBAMA and TRUMP periods.

In fact, the way that Mursi’s left after his death proclaimed that Egypt and Turkey came to a different point.

In fact, the division and war were taking place in the corridors we never knew.

It was among the structures that nobody knew or have very clear information;

Deep England-Rothschild-Sephardic-Ashkenazi-Freemasons-Skull Association-CIA-Bilderberg-Vatican-Rockefeller-Knight groups.

Erdogan was going to the United States in 2013, and after his arrival,

GEZI was being implemented on 17-25 DECEMBER.

Where was OBAMA, which kept SISI by its side, mostly accepted? Was loved?

Of course, in the axis of GERMANY and VATICAN

When he went to London, the black butler painting was covered with flowerpots! To prevent the scandal…

William, Duke of Cambridge, and his wife Kate Middleton hosted the Obamas at Kensington Palace, but camouflage was inevitable.

The table standing in the middle of the hall was there that day!

The clearest message to Obama and the trend he represented was given from the table on the wall.


Başakşehir, who faced the PSG team of France in the Champions League just recently, was leaving the match because of the same word and was making headlines to the world.

During the 22nd minute of the match, Başakşehir Assistant Coach Pierre Webo reacted by stating that racist statements were used by the 4th referee.

Webo has been given a red card.

Hearing the word “Negro”, DEMBA BA marked the night.

PSG players also joined the reaction.

Başakşehir stood upright. That head has been taken a step back!

Here’s the bigger one would happen, in Kensington Palace, but watchful eyes prevented it.

Due to all these separations and new alliances, a significant capital flows from LONDON to FRANKFURT.

Turkey is taking power of the London side at the moment and expanding its axis as it expands.

This is CLEAR!

Neither China nor Russia nor Iran complain about this. They won’t anyway.

The GERMANY-USA axis to look at.

I think also, how the Sephardic and Ashkenazi attitude will take.

If we look from within, all opposition aside, Ak Party-MHP aside.

The Homeland Party is also close to London via Russia

SEPERATION at the top of the world is clearly seen above politics internally as well.


Go back to the old and remember!

Turkey was given the task of combating communism.

The state, with its all power, fought with communism that not likely to come to Turkey at all.

And without taking any SHARE.

Now there is a mind that goes after A GREAT PROMISE.

The opposition is against both this and the direction.

The structures we do not know deeply will decide the tone of the war and the struggle.

Let’s see..

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