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Prescription ACE

The agenda shifted from the Eastern Mediterranean to the struggle between Azerbaijan and Armenia. But usually we evaluate events emotionally. Our reactions are more about expressing our anger than understanding the events. Westerners know this very well.

There are so many examples on this subject. It is necessary to look at money first, then interests, then alliances. This is also true in the case of Azerbaijan.

As the tension between the two countries increased in July, the place where the incident took place was “important”.


Because in the global equation, TOVUZ was the most valuable and critical and indispensable coordinate. Although the tension seems to be in the south of the country, if the war continues, you will see that TOVUZ will be infered.

If the tension does not decrease, the BATTLE will be in TOVUZ!

It is clear!

Let’s open the subject….

Let’s go through the examples so that it is easier to understand. Know that if there is a problem in Turkey then also the world at any point will have a global problem. Due to Turkey’s importance to make this inference, not difficult at all. This is the truth. Who sides with Turkey with, will win!

That is clear!

When the clashes started, everyone looked rightly through Russia and France. Of course this was true. But there is an another strength and that is USA. You might think, where is Baku, Yerevan, Washington, but this does not change the truth. France and the USA are important to understand the Azerbaijan-Armenia issue. It is essential to know these two capitals, to identify their interests and goals.

Did Armenia show that it targeted Tovuz in the first move?

Sure they did!

For those who know balance, this was no surprise. Here I look at it differently. Although Tovuz is important for Azerbaijan-Georgia-Armenia, I see that the main player here is England. It is also important and valuable for British companies. About a year ago, the British made strides in the field of energy in the region.

TOVUZ was the center that carried Azeri gas to EUROPE.

BP, who wanted Azer Çırak Güneşli Oil Field, bought it. BP then, as a second step, signed an agreement last year for Azerbaijan’s biggest project in the Caspian Sea, the Azeri-Middle-East (ACE).

THAT was the problem for EUROPE and USA! This was where the knot would be untied.

The text of this agreement signed on September 25 was announced on September 27.

However, by chance, on the first anniversary of the agreement, on September 27, 2020, Armenia made an operation in Tovuz and its surroundings. There is no Paris here.

Even if Paris had a comfortable hand, it would prefer to take a position over Azerbaijan, not Armenia.

The center that ordered the attack on Armenia is Washington. What is actually happening, although it may seem, between Azerbaijan and Armenia is the rivalry between the USA and the UK. It is not difficult to see this for those who know how to look a little.

TOVUZ is an important crossroads.

It is an area that will take the gas to EUROPE and even control it. Therefore the United States and the UK are facing off there. England paid a lot for the Tovuz Region. Washington knows this best. However, Washington today denies Tovuz’s closeness to Britain, which they had previously accepted.

The reason is that Britain has faced the United States many times in the Mediterranean. It is obvious that this is not in a military sense. Both countries have clearly taken steps to strengthen their positions in strategic regions. The return of Azerbaijan and Armenia to September 26 is proof that the USA and Britain have made an agreement.

Russia also took steps for Tovuz Region. However, Russia was in a dilemma. Because one side wants a strategic partnership with Britain and the other with the USA. Moscow needs to clarify this dilemma first. Otherwise, they cannot take any steps

It is imperative to put Germany next to Russia. Germany wants to take it with Russia to use Russia for European Gas. Like in Nord Stream.

BP, or British Petroleum, which has become the target of the USA, has become Azerbaijan’s branch in the Caspian Sea.

The $6 billion ACE project has joined the hands of the two countries.

The ACE, which will set out by processing 100 thousand barrels of oil a day, is waiting to be extracted as a reserve of 300 million barrels.

Is it valuable?

“Where is Turkey here?

Questions may be asked like “these are important?”

It is natural. Turkey is a special country. It is powerful, strategic, unique It is also in the field and struggles to take the necessary share in the struggle of the great powers. If the problem is in Tovuz, no one will get results without exceeding Turkey.

Since they will not progress, they will have to accept the power and influence of giving shares. The issue is generally like this. Either we will know our importance and take what we deserve with the strength of our our wrist, or we will sit on the sidelines and follow the script written for us.

Turkey wants to capitalise the first option. And this is their struggle!

NOTE: Trump and Biden shared their trump cards on the screen the night before. “PRESIDENTS DO NOT RULE THE USA” proved to be true once again. I do not want to go into the dimensions of the spoken sentences in the statements. 90 out of every 100 stores in New York cannot pay rent right now.

Los Angeles is under attack by the homeless. The economy is awful. This is the USA, precisely for this reason, it has to be in this region. Those who make the decision are not those who argue on the screen. It is no longer important which one will be at THE WHITE HOUSE. But THE WAR WILL GROW..

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