Sun 16 Rajab 1442AH 28-2-2021AD

Real Deal

Bogazici University situation has now spread the world. Did we know that?

Of course.

The release of all the student detainees was a very wise, very mature, compassionate step.

If otherwise, it would be the moment all the newspapers and television editorial speaks of the student movements in different parts of Turkey.

As in Russia, as in Hong Kong last year.

I want to take you back a little bit.

There was a sweet conservatism.

For example, there was no one looked hostilely at any girl on the street.

You couldn’t marry the child of a neighbor familiar from the street.

Moreover, in the places where people grew up, houses would not be locked.

The neighbor would protect the neighbor.

Bread and water were shared.

It was the days of single-channel television back then.

Everyone would come and go to each other.

Nobody could prevent family-long conversations ..

If you go two blocks away, an old man or woman would stop you, “Who are you?” He&She would question whether you are lost or not.

It was like that …


Anything without mathematics will not live.

It is not possible…..

I thought we should try to understand Turkey’s most intelligent children that goes to Bogazici University .

Who didn’t make a mistake in their youth?

So were we not going to tolerate at all?

Wouldn’t we ever understand these young people?

Would we push it into the hands of FOREIGN SERVICES!

Are we going to open the door for those who wants to mix the country?


They are all our children.

No matter what opinion.

No matter what they believe…

This is an OTTOMAN residue land.

We have both tolerance and reason to act together!

In the most difficult times, the children of this country showed this.

They will again.

We don’t have gold mines, natural gas, oil wells, diamond ores!

We only have human resources!

Just like SOUTH KOREA.

We will defend FREEDOM and MIND.

And we will sail into the future.

Let the Constitution, which is thought to be made, be FREEDOM until the end.

If it is to be done, it should be done like this.

Let’s leave aside protecting the state from its own people and be together.

Let’s nevermind the 1960 model discussions and read the future.

We have one BOGAZICI, let’s do it 10.

This is the real deal anyways.

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