Sun 29 Shaban 1442AH 11-4-2021AD

Relationship between France and PKK-PYD

Don’t miss this out!
There is a French cement factory in northern Syria, dominated by PYD and DAESH.
Its name is French Lafarge Cement Factory.
You did not hear wrong. In this region where terrorist organizations were, France established a cement factory.
It’s still working as very active.
Whom does France give this much cement?
Pay attention now.
The kilometers of equipped tunnels of the PYD and the PKK were built with cements supplied by the French cement factory Lafarge.
Tunnels are above NATO standards.
These tunnels were seized as a result of the Operation Olive Branch.
Ironically, the same concrete tunnels were found in the operations carried out for DAESH
It was learned that the French cement company gave also DAESH
cement and built a tunnel.
These long and equipped concrete tunnels were the most challenging part of the operations of our army for PYD and
Intelligence revealed that the PYD-PKK had a very large tunnel network in northern Syria.
Turkey warned France about the cement factory.
But the factory is still helping the terrorist organizations fighting against Turkey.
The gun is from the United States.
Cement is from France.
Construction machinery is from Germany.
The money is from Israel lobbies.
Media support is from the European Union.
Revolutionism is not played in the arms of imperialist forces.
This can be just a “puppet show”.

NOTE: In history the imperialist states took control of the region by picking a great Armenian-Turkish war and exploited.
Now they want to break the Muslim, Turkish and Kurdish resistance hindering the imperialists in the region by picking a great Turkish-Kurdish war.
Because whenever they came for occupation, they faced the resistance of the Turkish, Kurdish, Muslim.
Serious projects are being produced in Western think-tanks for the Kurds to reject Islam and move to the PYD-PKK ranks. This is so creepy.

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