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Russian Roulette

I asked yesterday “Is the CAUCASUS SPRING coming here?”

The wind that started with the Arab Spring in 2010 brought the country of the overthrown leaders 10 years later closer to Israel.

Of course, the ARAB SPRING was not set up just for ISRAEL.

But one of the important consequences was the containment of the Arabs’ Israeli anger.

This is the scene.

The official visit of US Secretary of State Pompeo to Tel Aviv in the COVID-19s was very important.

That visit had one purpose! It was the Chinese AMBASSADOR DU WEI. The Ambassador was one of China’s big players.

It was connecting Tel Aviv with Beijing. Pompeo requested his deportation. They didn’t.

The ambassador was killed…

After this happened in May, we have seen that important rich Arab countries started to get closer to Israel in the past weeks. Trump says he will move his embassy to JERUSALEM and other countries were lining up. Looking through this window, it was clear that this wave would be reflected on the Silk Road. The Armenian attack and the Kyrgyzstan revolt pointed to this.

In one way or another, what did the United States of America, today the greatest power, want to do?

Where they were aiming to reach with the SPRING?

This is the question! Let’s think about it together. Washington first put China across in order not to lose its power. It identified its UK-based rivals who gave China its mind and soul. The first two rows were filled with this. They were not easy competitors either.

Then, with the Arab Spring, they pruned Russia, which, although not the main player in the region,

had a certain amount of activity. Russia somehow existed on the axis from Nasser to Mubarak, from Gaddafi to Saddam. Russians were liquidated. The last fortress remained SYRIA. For now, it too.

The USA has started great chess for its own existence. In order to control China remotely, it had to block or reduce Russia so that it could impose its terms. He was thinking this especially for a wing inside Russia.

Russia was a big player but was old! They had a structure that walked with London and Berlin.

The USA, on the other hand, intended to prevent the SILK ROAD, which was initiated by China from 10 thousand km away, from reaching London and Italy completely and without barriers. It has been like this for a long time.

Armenia, Russia’s backyard, did not receive the necessary support from Moscow while attacking the Azerbaijanis. Which is supposed to be seen. It happened. Kyrgyzstan got messed up.

Russia was surprised again. Obviously, in terms of US POLICIES, THE CAUCASUS should have been mixed. They wanted to prevent Russia from doing BIG FICTION with China. They were intended to scrape China’s potential partners, knowing that they could not completely end China.

This was the underlying truth of the Ambassador Karlov assassination and plane crashes.

Turkey and Russia was pushed to the side separately. The poisoning of the Russian dissident Navalny was carried out with the same motivation. Russia was not wanted to be a CARRIER, BRIDGE, CONDUCTIVE between ASIA and EUROPE. The button was pressed so that it would not be side by side with Germany. I think Putin has seen this best. The burning ball was thrown towards Moscow!

With the war step taken by Armenia, the game that was started before was accelerated.

There is a Washington that is considering restricting China’s access to energy and consenting to partnership. But it should not come side by side with Europe and Turkey with Russia and Iran.

They should not be able to produce with their own will and find a MARKET of their own will.

This is the ROUGH recipe of the GAME…

This is why both the North Stream with the German-Russian partnership and the Turkish Stream with the Turkish-Russian partnership are on target.

It is obvious that the US wants to activate EASTMED to end these movements through Israel. Turkey has signed with Libya to prevent it. It’s pan poison of EASTMED.

The purpose of all these steps, struggle and war is that the USA wants to see some key countries beside it. Turkey is one of them.

Russia is the biggest power in its target!

The real problem is for RUSSIA.

If, behind the scenes, the USA comes to terms with China and a “YES” decision is issued for the liquidation of Russia, ASIA will change completely. Which is not unlikely. Putin’s persistent positioning with the AZERIS against the Armenians tells that he saw this. With the US dollar as its currency will continue to build pressure on Turkey.

They will also try to take over power with their internal partners.

All this will remove the tension in key countries including Turkey where.

As the attack on the economy increases, internal politics will want to drift into a new lane.

Yet everything under which we live is the Turkey is searching for safe haven out of USA

It is a wink of the China-England axis. But Washington does not agree with this at all.

This disagreement causes parties outside the government to come together inside.

Remember, Turkey met with China for the air defense system and KOBANI events blew up.

The situation was that delicate. It was balance.

Turkey was struggling with this…

On the other side of the coin was the pressure of Europe to Turkey might feel great power among London-Beijing.

Because their biggest and historical rivals were the British.

Henry Kissinger emerged and spoke as the war was going on, on multiple fronts.

Kissinger said: ” As we move towards a new world, we and other countries must now face reality. Washington must admit that it is no longer possible to see the economic and technological “one-sided superiority” of the US again. That period is over.

But there are still those who believe we are the only great power in Washington.

Likewise, there is a team in Beijing who believe they are the only great power.

These two teams are actually not the reality of their country.  The two capitals must necessarily agree.

New money? They will compromise. New trading system? They will compromise.

New cultural change? They have no choice but to agree…  

We chatted with John Williams, President of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. He thinks like me. US and Chinese leaders cannot cut dialogue for too long.

They should sit at a settlement table. Unclear issues should be put in the deep freezer for now. This conflict affects every country. Because many countries cooperate with the USA or China. If there is no agreement, every country will return to the First World War era.

Afghanistan and Asia will become even more important. Afghanistan’s future will be linked to the Mongolian Plateau, the Manchurian Plain, the Korean Peninsula and East Siberia. Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan will be much more valuable.

There are countries that are quietly watching the conflict between the USA and China.

Which one wins, the countries that will cooperate with that country.

It is difficult for either side to win. Those countries should also support the partnership.

Even taking sides will cause trouble in the future.”

Henry Kissinger is a former diplomat who worked with US Presidents and still has a very important voice.

This is the situation! This is chess!

Such a system will be established that it is necessary to read money, culture, trade and energy well. We are in the middle of history writing. The problem is that many people don’t understand and see this.

NOTE: The name that will sign the big agreement will be the President!

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