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Same Mentality

No matter where you look from the WORLD, you will see that there is a rivalry between the USA and China. Behind the scenes, we do not know how real and weary this is. Because it took the world 50 years to understand the US-Soviet balance. Many still do not understand. There is a great controversy on paper. This is not like the previous ones.

Because this is a change intertwined with the technological revolution and the digital revolution. A change that will be made, that two great wars couldn’t, is at the door. Money, countries, energy, mines, traffic, seas, armies and space will be shared.

This is what happened.

What happened before is the pain!

A big pain…

Turkey is in the midst of this plan.

Let’s start…

China is not doing what the US does. They come with a smiling face and knock only economically. Proposes a partnership They say “Let’s win together”.

As such, CHINA can do business with Israel with one hand and Iran with the other. They do not deal with regimes, political cadres and leaders. They are not being gendarmerie.

They don’t question.

They are proceeding on earnings through work. When this is the case, the United States of America, which tries to adjust and strives for all parts of the world, increases both its burden and responsibility.

China, on the other hand, has entered MANY PLACES WITH LOW COST because it does not engage in political engineering. Is there any country where the Beijing administration does not do business in the MIDDLE EAST?

Iran, Israel, and Saudi Arabia are also its partners.


The US is building up economic, technological pressure to contain and restrict China, with which it competes. While doing this, it naturally determines its partners. Let’s go to the beginning of May.

Chinese Hutchison Water International was one of the last two companies in the tender for the construction of the seawater treatment plant, which is expected to cost about $ 1.5 billion in Israel.

Being aware of this development, Pompeo took his breath at TEL AVIV while official visits were not made in the pandemic. He said to Israel, “YOU WILL NOT GIVE IT TO A CHINESE COMPANY”.

Although there were those who objected, they did what he said. AMBASSADOR DU WEI, who had a great influence on Israel, also died later. If the Chinese company had taken this refinement business, it would have owned the place for 25 years. However, the US 6th FLEET used HAYFA PORT frequently. There was control of the US navy through the refinement business. The danger for the USA was over. Already before, they would come to Israel for investment, the research board was established. This board was highlighting what the US did not want. The same parenthesis was valid for 5G. Huawei was outside the door! There was also before that.

There were many examples that traced back the history of the war!

For example, in 1999, Israel and China agreed on PHALCON early warning aircraft. China also gave a down payment. But the Pentagon stepped in. The deal went to waste. The same thing happened with the HARPYs. Warehouse was confiscated even though its money was given and taken! Continuing to focus on economic ties rather than security ties, China remained largely on the edge of the Middle

East’s major fault lines. Neither the Israeli-Palestinian conflict nor the Israel-Iran tension were of concern to them. While China was establishing economic-diplomatic relations with everyone, SECURITY was only left to the USA. This changed the color and intensity of the struggle. The situation in Turkey, walks in Syria, attitudes in the Mediterranean, the action was bothering everyone in the Caucasus.

Given the people who responded, it was getting very interesting.

At the beginning of October, the UIGUR CRISIS was discussed in the UN.

The issue, which the USA insisted on, was embraced by 39 Western countries.

BLOCK, which includes countries such as England-Germany-Australia-Austria-Finland-Ireland-Italy-France, warned China!

When looking at Huawei and 5G technology, the pressure of the USA in critical countries continued.

Washington was blocking Beijing’s ways to win. They were trying to restrain China, which was growing by staying away from the security bill, with economic losses. Oddly enough, we saw a similar Uighur alliance in the Mediterranean, Syria, Armenia-Azerbaijan war. THE EUROPEAN UNION gathered yesterday. And they decided for Turkey. Thus, it became clear who was who. Because sometimes writing is not enough.  France and Germany accused Turkey because of Turkey’s activities in the Eastern Mediterranean as “to continue to provoke the European Union” .

The two countries, gave a week to Turkey to clarify its attitude towards the eastern Mediterranean. French Foreign Minister Jean Yves Le Drian said, “In our view, it’s clear that Turkey is in constant provocative actions. This is unacceptable.  The ball is now in Ankara in the eastern Mediterranean. If Turkey is not ready to choose the path of dialogue then European Union is ready to change the power balance.”

The French also who don’t forget about Karabakh, “There will be no military victory in the region. A ceasefire should be applied. We see that the only country that do not respect the ceasefire call heard today is Turkey.”

with this they actually revealed that the fact Turkey’s struggle with who. German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas also did not hold back.

He took part.

He said, “It is unacceptable to send Oruç Reis back to the Eastern Mediterranean.” Turkey, although the long border the Mediterranean, due to the rush to the aid of their brothers also were required

to be removed and discarded from Azerbaijan. The picture was roughly like this. When you gathered some strength, when you showed the flag, they all wanted to pounce on you. They understand the agreement was the waiver of rights in Turkey.

Without this, the pressure was increasing.

It would increase.. Because the aim was not to eat grapes.

The US was pulling Israel out of China.

It then made the Middle East compatible with Israel.

A great coalition was being formed to transport Israeli gas to EUROPE.

Turkey was going on target as they were trying to protect their rights.

It was a mirror outside! It was inevitable that it would reflect inside.

For this reason, I did not look at any developments inside, from inside.

To change the Turkish route they will come from all sides of Turkey.

They’ve already started.

If you look at the events in this way, you will analyze what is happening properly…

One thought on “Same Mentality

  1. It is so troubling to observe Turkey now once again in the European cross hairs.
    Who do they think they are to dictate to Turkey? You don’t have to be a genius to understand what MONEY-GREED- and POWER will produce. You only have to look at the behaviour of those other countries toward Turkey. Turkey has been in the forefront of Euro Trash People dictating and imposing their likes and dislikes on Turkey. Beginning wit the Byzantine Empire, the Mongol Invasion etc., and Turkey is not stupid concerning the Chinese. However, the British and French are the most culpable through out history for destabilizing and partitioning up Turkey’s Ottoman State and the whole world for that matter. Let it be known that Britain robbed India of over 3-Trillion dollars from the India Treasury when they left India. Just imagine the value of that 3-Trillion dollars value today. Should Turkey expect anything different from the Euro Trash?
    Since Turkey made the wise and strategic choice of buying the state of the art technology the Russian S-400 missile system which can defeat stealth aircraft up to 240 miles away. Beware France , Germany and Britain and their puppet Greece from getting any ideas now. Resurrection of Turkey’s national identity is a plus and has every right to hold it’s ground. The natural gas discovery Turkey has explored is Turkey’s right for ownership and the Euro Trash is jealous. England and the Dutch Shell Oil company have their eyes on the gas as do American oil companies. Turkey’s history has the very vestiges of the American Revolution of 1775, thanks to the wonderfully captivating movie series Ertrugal and Osman. The indomitable spirit , incredible work ethic and creativity of the Turkish people will prevail so long as they make right choices in this global chess game. So far so good. Just beware and be careful of the Catholic church and their role in global politics who do not in truth represent true Christianity, but who likewise embrace their gods of Money, Greed and Power which they have worshipped through the past 2000 years. Following the money reveals much about the interaction of nations towards each other.
    ” The heart of man is exceedingly wicked and deceitful in all it’s ways.”

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