Tue 10 Rabi Al Awwal 1442AH 27-10-2020AD

Secret Coalition

How do we start and where do we go?

Believe me, the developments, the traffic, the dimension of the showdown, the global pressure cannot fit into this corner. It doesn’t fit anywhere.

We have to take it from one place to another.

To understand what is going on, let’s go without breaking the names.Turkey is a key country. In this case, neither internal pressure nor external pressure is missing.

Neither yesterday, today nor tomorrow…

The signs have already increased…

The Constitutional Court asked the local court to retrial against the CHP member Enis Berberoğlu, who had ruled that he was “violated”.

He resisted  in the Istanbul 14th High Criminal Court. Tensions increased.

Constitutional Court Member Prof. Dr. Engin Yıldırım shared the court building saying “Lights are on” on his social media account. It was like doomsday. Reactions grew like an avalanche. The tension increased.

Everyone from the Interior Ministry to the CHP and from there to the Future Party got into this ball.

Babacan said, “These are empty jobs.”

The debate flared up as it flared up. President Erdogan took the incident to another dimension.

“It has also become controversial because he tweeted a controversially. It would not be appropriate to consider this as an individual tweet. There is an approach that expresses the collective structure.” he said Engin Yıldırım, the member who was discussed after Erdoğan’s words, took the stage again.

“I apologize to the public for the message I shared in a manner that could be interpreted incorrectly,” he said. While all this was happening, Can Dündar, who lives in Germany, was asked to imprisonment of up to 35 years for the Mit trucks case.

This were roughly what happened inside. It is possible to lengthen, but this is enough to understand the color. There was also outside!.

The USA was added to the caravan of those who were uncomfortable with ORUC REIS the night before. The US State Department was considered the  resumption of research activities in Turkey in the Eastern  Mediterranean as “provocation”.

“Print, threats, intimidation and military action, tension in the eastern Mediterranean will not solve.

We call on Turkey to end this calculated provocation and start the exploratory talks with Greece.

Unilateral actions do not build trust and does not produce a lasting solution,” they said.

Austrian Chancellor Kurz who previously said, Turkey has no place in the EU took the front again.

He spoke about the re-ship of the seismic research vessel oruc reis to the Eastern Mediterranean:

If Turkey continues to violate international law they will confront the EU sanctions.

While everyone uncomfortable about Oruc Reis, news continued to come from the CAUCASUS.

Russia at the table set up for the Nagorno-Karabakh issue, followed by the avoidance of Turkey,

Foreign Minister Lavrov came a new explanation:

Russia never said ‘Turkey is a strategic partner of Moscow’ , Turkey is our partner.

Will Russia give pass and ARMENIA stop?

Of course it won’t stop … Nikol Pashinyan took the stage. He called out to the nation. He said:

Army troops withdrew tactically. I thank Russian President Putin for their support.

Azerbaijan was a much richer country compared to Armenia.

They were making a difference in the arms race and capability. This was a natural result.

However, FRANCE and RUSSIA came into play, they were raining weapons on Armenia.

It was Paris and Moscow that disturbed the balance between the two countries.

Iran was also following this pair by helping with TRUCKS.

Although Turkey brings S-400 as activated, the Kremlin did not see Turkey as a strategic partner.

Before the tweet of the Constitutional Court Member, the previous day, other messages were coming to Ankara.

German Foreign Minister Maas was warning that “Ankara must stop the bounce between relieving tension and provocation”.

Swedish Foreign Minister Anna Linda was saying “We insist Turkey to withdraw from Syria”

All this was to renounce the Turkey FIGHT in THE REGION.

As Ankara persisted, the opposite front grew.

Again, the IMF was on the scene with a timetable.

Despite all of the negativity in the process of the pandemic, they were putting Turkey,

one of the most successfull country in those times, as the target

The IMF has pulled its 5.2 percent contraction forecast for the GLOBAL ECONOMY to 4.4 percent.

For Turkey “will decrease 5 percent,” they said.

Will the IMF come and the World Bank stop?

They also joined the herd:

Turkey is the 6th most country with an external debt from 120 countries.

Read the debate that started through the Constitutional Court through ORUÇ REİS, to which the outside reacted,

through support for Azerbaijan and determination in Syria.

Everyone is doing something that is saying something for a region that is located in the center of Turkey, but Turkey is expected to tie the hands.

Was Stockholm a coastal city in the Mediterranean that we didn’t know?

Or was Berlin known for its oranges and citrus fruits, and did we miss?

Was Paris neighbor to Leviathan gas zone and we didn’t know?!

Was Vienna the pearl of the Mediterranean with its beaches and sea, but we didn’t see it!?

The example is too much…

However, the issue is neither the tweet posted by the Constitutional Court Member, nor the lights not going out,

nor the opposition’s response, nor the effort of those who do not hide their reaction.

The event is out of this.

Take the map in front of you and take a look.

Turkey knows that if Turkey won’t fight they will pay bills.

For this reason, Turkey runs to every front that opens.

We have troops everywhere from Afghanistan to the Mediterranean, from Syria to the Caucasus

As Turkey doesn’t give up, opposite block expands.

Since it is not a country compatible with the West and it chooses its own path, they all come together.

The purpose is changing Turkey’s alliances, route and path.

Therefore, they started the FINANCIAL OPERATION.

A secret embargo was initiated saying “Let the pincers grow”

A coalition was established that includes Muslims, Catholics, Protestants, and Jews.

There is the Middle East, there is Europe, there is America, there is Asia…

They will do their best to make this bigger.

They will come to the Turkey’s door that they can’t beat in outside, they can’t bring to its knees.

They will come… For to melt from inside…

They are already on the doorstep! What is not found is valuable! Foreign currency too!

With secret embargoes and financial operations, they first kidnapped the foreign currency and then spread it.

But despite everything, Turkey continues.

The struggle is there.

Let those who understand tell those who do not…

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