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Secret Table

We often interpret events POLITICALLY. However, this leads us to some of the truth at the most. There is no way to go without finding the economy, the money. In order to understand operations, it is always necessary to see money first. Believe me, the rest are fairy tales. Great powers always position power and money side by side. They want to make actual their games accordingly to this.

Now let’s look at a meeting that closely concerns us.

Two meetings. The following question may immediately come to your mind:

How do you know about these meetings? Natural.

We know it because it leaked. Some people also know.  Is the subject important? Yes. The MEDITERRANEAN. The knot seems like it will be untied here.

Let’s start.

US Treasury Secretary Steven Munchin, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, White House Economic Advisor Larry Kudlow held an important meeting on September 1. They decided that the only way out of the United States from bankruptcy was through the Mediterranean. Can you imagine? USA HAS TO HOLD ON TO THE MEDITERRANEAN FOR IT NOT TO COLLAPSE.

This is the main idea that came out of the meeting!

The US Congressional Budget Office submitted its report that the 2020 budget deficit is $ 3 trillion 300 billion to Steven Munchin.

It was written in the report that the 3-year deficit of the health system, social security and transportation will reach 10 trillion dollars. We can also read it like this: UNITED STATES OF AMERICA IN COLLAPSE. What is certain is that the US has never been in such a bad situation.

Every neutral party knows and speaks about it. Therefore, the MEDITERRANEAN is now one of the vital trump cards for the USA. Maybe last chance. Apart from Steven Munchin, Mike Pompeo and Larry Kudlow, prominent economists and military strategists have been working on the Mediterranean for months. They all met around the table. When you focus on the numbers that come to the table from a distance, it is not difficult to underline the  following:

The Mediterranean means 20 trillion dollars for Washington. Trillion dollars in submarines, yes, very important. However, the strategic superiority of the Mediterranean, especially the Silk Road, will determine Washington’s future. Let’s go to the second secret meeting.


Let’s focus on the name, Obama’s deputy, Trump’s rival. While President Trump remained silent on the Mediterranean issue, Joe Biden explained the Mediterranean plans in a briefing to those who run the secret codes of the state.

So the MEDITERRANEAN is the headline of every important table.

Knowing this, Biden wants to take the DEEP STATE with him and take the lead in the elections. What was spoken at his meeting in DEPTH is very, very important. Biden explained that he would take the island of Cyprus, the most important land part of the Mediterranean, from British control and take it under American control. He started the sentence like this.

Consider where he sets the bar.

“We were in front of the media while occupying many countries, However, we saw that they were ineffective. If we occupy the island of Cyprus now, who can object? Turkey.

Turkey, while fighting the internal problems can not perform with plans for northern Cyprus. Southern Cyprus? It’s the easiest. After the arms embargo is lifted, thousands of American soldiers will go to their bases in Southern Cyprus. This plan will result more easily than Iraq, “he said.

This is what is in the head of the name who confronts Trump and sets his eyes on the WHITE HOUSE.

Biden told thIS to AMERICA’s most powerful names. After that meeting, he again met with three of AMERICA’s most influential journalists. They ate dinner. The place for the meal was Washington. Biden was answering all questions from the MEDITERRANEAN window.

While planning a new Middle East a new Africa, he  was putting the Mediterranean at the center. Jake Sullivan, Biden’s Policy Advisor, witnessed this special briefing. Anyway, the person who arranged that briefing was none other than Jake Sullivan. 43-year-old young man who specializes in THE Mediterranean and Turkey. Jake Sullivan was also the architect of the USA negotiations with Iran in 2013.

Sullivan describes the status of the decision-making with regard to Iran from Turkey, he was thinking that Turkey was one of those that should be closely with Washington. Jake Sullivan in 2013 that this idea is now officially in the face of Turkey. At the beginning of the names considering the sanction.

That was not the case! To understand America, we needed to know the background of the meeting!

Who was the person who gave information to US Treasury Secretary Steven Munchin, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, White House Economic Advisor Larry Kudlow on the Mediterranean? Who could it be? YES! Again he!.

So Jake Sullivan.

When this is the case, YOU SEE THE AMERICAN DEEP STATE GATHERING EVERYONE AROUND THE SAME TABLE. Trump’s most important ministers and advisers sought information from Jake Sullivan, Joe Biden’s advisor, whom he saw as the enemy. But people didn’t know this.

There was a STAGE and the REST. If Biden becomes the PRESIDENT, it will be thanks to this meeting. So if Joe Biden passes to the White House, will he have the powers? Of course notโ€ฆ No no, it will not happen with Jake Sullivan either. Sullivan had asked a woman for help while arranging the deep meeting in Washington. Who was that woman? It was Kamala Harris who was chosen as the Vice President of the Democratic Party presidential candidate Joe Biden.

It’s like a chain show of power.

Presidential election is of course important in the USA. However, even if Biden loses, there will be no deviation in the USA Mediterranean plan. The Mediterranean is a money sea. Right.

However, its strategic location is more important than money. Washington will not give up on the Mediterranean..

One day it is not known, but it will not change until it is deleted from this date. Jake Sullivan or Kamala Harrisโ€ฆ

These two names will stand out even if the presidency is not given to Biden. Sullivan and Harris will be at the center of Washington’s decisions, although they may not be mediatic in the future. If Biden comes, this meeting will come out. Don’t forget that too.

The MEDITERRANEAN SEA is the key to many things.

Today and tomorrow …

NOTE: Kamala Harris was very harshly opposed to TRUMP’s policy of withdrawing troops from SYRIA as in many other issues. The use of GREECE as a RABBIT in the Mediterranean, to be brought before us to realize the possibility of CONFLICT one day when needed.

Do not ignore this possibility at all.

There is nothing BIG PLAYERS cannot do for the MEDITERRANEAN.


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