Fri 13 Rabi Al Awwal 1442AH 30-10-2020AD


Bâyezîd-i Bistâmî left home for Friday prayers on a rainy day. The showers were heavy and the downpour meant that the road was very muddy. He decided to rest against the wall of a house until the rain stopped. He cleaned his shoes which were covered with mud by rubbing them against the wall. Once the rain had slowed down, he continued to walk to the mosque. Then he remembered that he dirtied a zoroastrian’s wall and he was sad about it, he thought to himself:
-How can I perform the Friday prayer without getting his blessings? How can I be here listening to the call of Allah-u Teala when I dirtied someone’s wall?
Then he went back and knocked on the zoroastrian’s door.The zoroastrian opened the door:
-Yes? How may I help, do you need anything?
-I came here to apologise.
The zoroastrian astonishingly asked:- apologise for what? And he answered:-I dirtied your walls by rubbing my shoes which were covered in mud against them. It was wrong of me to rub the mud off against your walls. The heavy rain made me forget my grace.
The zoroastrian astonishingly answered again:-But why would this action harm me? Our walls are already covered in mud. The mud that was on your shoes wouldn’t end up making it ugly, and it’s not really a big thing.
Bâyezîd-i Bistâmî;-Yes but, it’s your right as it’s your wall and I had to get your consent.
The zoroastrian:-Did your religion teach you this grace and respect for human rights?
-Yes, our religion and the Prophet of our religion Muhammed (asw) taught us.
The zoroastrian:-Then why don’t I embrace that religion?
Then he took the Islamic testimony of faith (shahada) and became a Muslim.

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