Sat 14 Rabi Al Awwal 1442AH 31-10-2020AD


Imam Safii Muhammed b. Idris (pbuh) tells:
Once upon a time, there was a fat king.
That fat king wanted medicines that could slim him from the wise doctors.
The doctor said to him:-May Allah help you! I am a doctor who can guess the future. I can see that you have only a month left! The medicines won’t help you!
Then the king arrested the doctor to see if he’s telling the truth. The king hides from the folk during that time.But he was so devastated that he lost too much weight in a month.
After a month, the king appears safe and sound and calls the doctor who was under arrest and says:
-Your lie is exposed. I’m not dead. I will punish you so bad because of your lie.
And the doctor answers without getting worried:
-May Allah help the king! I’m the lowest servant of Allah about seeing the future. But I understood that the only medicine for you to lose weight was grief and sadness. That’s why I said that!Then the king freed him and gave him presents.
Imam Safii told this story with this purpose:‘Too much grief and sadness tires and slims the body’(Except the situation of excessive eating because of problems)
And he said this:‘Don’t live on the lands where there are no scholars who can inform you about your religion and where there are no doctors who can inform you about your body.’

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