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To follow the events that need to be done without skipping. As such, Turkey is also not difficult to see steps on the outside. Take a look at roughly the last 10 years. Put things upside down. What could not be possible came into our lives.

It shook and went away. The route that took many years was changing. Everyone was chasing small arguments inside. However, the country, which is the boss of the Mediterranean, was turning its position in the world in a different direction.

Naturally, what happened and what would happen was for this. It was not difficult to predict the coming winds. A geopolitical storm has started in the Mediterranean. The United States sees the Mediterranean as Florida and California offshore. For this reason, they kept the Mediterranean in a great plan to include the European Union and MENA.

Here they did not push Beijing, Moscow, Ankara, Berlin and Paris off the axis. They did not push, but also did not want to give a share. Because they knew that the Mediterranean and North Africa-Middle East equation for the Silk Road was unique.

In particular, the contrast with Washington began in 2012 in Turkey. Looking at the last 10 years, it was not difficult to see what caused this. Turkey, began to tell the senior American diplomat’s promises are not fulfilled. Some American diplomats say that Turkey should not be lost, some pointed out a new plan without Turkey.

As of now ahead of the game without Turkey who are proponents of the plan. Turkey ended the partnership with the United States with 2013. 2013 was a break. From that moment no one had imagined events took place in Turkey.

The CIA shows this figure as 12. Enter from 17-25, exit Gezi and extend it until 15 July. However, despite all these events Turkey didn’t retreat. Although the names of Washington’s deep mind offered some partnerships in Ankara, Ankara set its new course. Ankara wanted to start a new era with the Mediterranean.

We have shared before. The part behind Gezi Events that was not told to us was the Mediterranean!

The issue of foreign power is being discussed a lot right now. With external power centers that we call chaos, with street protests, coups was trying to get in front of Turkey’s focus on the Mediterranean.

If I chose a target country and had power, I would use the same methods. I do not understand what is surprising and incomprehensible in this.

Let’s continue.

At the end of the days when tension was never falling ever, Turkey has taken an important step.      Turkey on 1 January 2018 the inventory, including the Fatih was happening for the first seismic research vessel. That moment Turkey’s Mediterranean plan was announced to the world.

Fatih’s previous name was Deepsea Metro II. Fatih was built by Hyundai Heavy Industries in Ulsan, South Korea.  It was launched on 25 November 2011. Sold to Chalfont Shipping in March 2016. Originally named Deepsea Metro II, the ship belonged to Chloe Marine in Bermuda Hamilton.

It was operated by Odfjell Drilling, headquartered in Bergen, Norway, under the Marshall Islands flag until 2018. In 2017 the ship purchased from Odfjell Drilling, reached Kocaeli January 1,2018 and joined the Turkey Petroleum Corporation (TPAO) inventory.

It was Turkey’s first drilling ship. It carried out its first operation in the Mediterranean with the start of the Alanya-1 deep-water well drilling on 29 October  2018. This was a milestone.

Turkey, where the new route as you draw Fatih Turkey anchored to the harbour just 7 days after January 1, important figures of Turkish politics Devlet Bahçeli, meeting with reporters, he put forward the idea CUMHUR ALLIANCE.

This was the political announcement of a very new era. Of course, in those days, nobody was interpreting the events side by side and did not understand what was happening. The arrival of Fatih and the changing course of politics inside were events in the same lane.

So what else was Ankara telling the world?

What was Ankara talking about? Looking at the same dates, it would be seen that the Zeytin Dalı Operation – The Afrin operation was also starting two weeks after Bahçeli’s release of the Cumhur Alliance.

The operation was huge. Zeytin Dalı Operations and Turkey’s S-400 step would lead to new decisions taken by Turkey in the United States. Between April 2018 and August 2018, the Turkish lira depreciated significantly against the dollar.While Turkey trying to make their own way, economic attacks were happening inside. The dollar was rising. There was an economic attack to pay a political price.

This whole thing was to make Turkey retreat from Mediterranean. Despite all this steps Turkey was still walking with their plans. The outside could not get the result it wanted. Now the gear is up a lot. The Mediterranean will be a much more stressful region. We will begin to see how much which countries will be affected. However, there are pawn countries here. Greece is a very important pawn. Cyprus is also a pawn. No matter how much they don’t admit, it’s not France, but Macron is a pawn. The President of France goes beyond the decisions of the Elysee Palace.

This is causing confusion within France. However, every country is in a certain alliance. Perhaps it is time for Turkey to form partnership. Apparently it’s not a high chance to be at the same table with the USA and Turkey. The other alternative is the European Union. However, the European Union is well placed in the block across the Mediterranean in Turkey.

Beijing-Moscow seems to be the closest partners to Ankara. Of course England too. London and Ankara are very close to each other. Could Ankara, London, Beijing and Moscow be the strongest team in the geopolitical storm in the Mediterranean?

The probability is high. Not a little at all.

But which London thinks the same with Moscow. This contradiction is the biggest obstacle to the big meeting. Now, a top secret rapprochement between London and Ankara has been opened. If the two capitals manage to make their way quickly, the storm will bring Ocean winds. Because the United States must prevent this partnership.

At least Washington intends to prevent Ankara, which does not partner with it, from meeting with London. As EXTERNAL POWER, it will try to create pressure on London and Ankara.

The other player in the possible alliance over Syria will want to take Russia aside. Washington is fighting in a different format with Berlin, Moscow, London, Beijing and Ankara. Nobody knows how to afford them all.

But one of the goals is to put an obstacle between London and Ankara.British Finance Minister Rishi Sunak is the person who raised the idea of the Ankara-London partnership before becoming minister. In a meeting, Turkey England partnership in the Mediterranean announced  as “major force” meeting. After enumerating all this, it is necessary to read the news “TCG Giresun frigate and British destroyer HMS Argyll held a joint training in the Eastern Mediterranean on September 11”.

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