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Murat V had taken the throne when Sultan Abdul Aziz was deposed and murdered. He abdicated because of mental issues. And the servants of the British government put AbdulHamid II on the throne, since he had promised to bring about the constitutional monarchy. AbdulHamid declared a constitutional monarchy as soon as he took the throne. If he didn’t, they would depose him just as they did to Abdul Aziz. AbdulHamid had paid close attention to what happened to him, and he had formed a delicate strategy.

AbdulHamid II moved to Yildiz Palace from Dolmabace Palace in 1877. That was the greatest strategic move AbdulHamid made. Those who don’t know why, also don’t know how AbdulHamid postponed the destruction of a state that was already crumbling by 30 years, my friend.

Yildiz Palace was a vacation and hunting spot for the previous Padishahs. There was a mansion. AbdulHamid ordered a great renovation of Yildiz Palace. He moved to Yildiz Palace from Dolmabahçe.

Dolmabahçe Palace was in the control of foreign powers. Padishahs were not in control. They didn’t even have safety. They were easily deposed and murdered. AbdulHamid had witnessed the plots and intrigue that surrounded his uncle Abdul Aziz.

In Dolmabahce, foreign powers received intelligence reports before the Padishah. This weakened the government greatly, and took power from the Padishah.

‘Bureaucracy’ ruled in Dolmabahce. And bureaucracy worked for the foreign powers. Treacherous bureaucrats hiding inside the government weakened the Padishah and the government as a whole.

AbdulHamid knew that if this went on, the government would be destroyed very soon. That’s why he had to start the government from scratch in the new palace. He wanted an administration independent from foreign powers.

That’s why when he relocated the throne to the Yildiz Palace, he would start a new intelligence network and manage it personally.

He cut away the bureacratic system that weakened the government, and relocated the governance to Yildiz Palace. This ensured that he could finalize national projects with swiftness and ease. The masters of the treacherous bureacracy were furious. They were mad with rage, my friend.

AbdulHamid formed a formidable security force in Yildiz Palace. This made it much harder to attack the Sultan. He ordered the construction of a theatre, a museum, a library, a pharmacy, a hamam, a repair shop, a carpentry workshop, a smithy, and a lock workshop in Yildiz Palace.

AbdulHamid rarely left Yildiz Palace. But he disrupted the plans of foreign powers from within Yildiz Palace, especially the British. This was strategy of “existing without being seen.” He had decided on this strategy because of the hardships he faced during the Ottoman Reform period in his youth, the troubles that occured during the time when he took the throne, the brutal murder of his uncle Abdul Aziz, the assassination attempts on his life, and the coup attempts. AbdulHamid II’s Yildiz Palace strategy was legendary.

It’s very much alike what’s happening right now.

The Prime Minister’s of Turkiye would administer the country from Cankaya Palace. This was a place with compromised security, in the hands of foreign powers. Prime Ministers would easily be poisoned and killed. They were also bugged and blackmailed. Erdogan relocated from Cankaya Palace to the multi-functional and secure Külliye that was built in Ankara. He did something similar to what AbdulHamid did. InshaAllah, that’s what he did, my friend.

In the meantime, Sultan AbdulHamid’s famous Yildiz Palace was turned into a casino in the first years of the republic, in 1926, did you know that? Yes, they did that!

Anyway, let’s not speak of past wounds, and keep going. Imperialist powers planned to send highly trained agents to Ottoman lands to weaken AbdulHamid. Read carefully so that you can better understand what’s going on today. Now, we’ll tell you about the plots they orchestrated.

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Translated from the SIEGE book.


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