Mon 2 Rabi Al Awwal 1442AH 19-10-2020AD

Sultan Abdulhamid’s Funeral

Let’s look at Abdulhamid Khan’s funeral by trying to visualize those days.
When an Ottoman sultan passed away, his funeral was brought to the Topkapı Palace, where the state was ruled for 400 years.
Sultan Abdulhamid Khan’s funeral was brought under the supervision of the guards, school (Enderun) competents and the palace men in front of the green and gilded gate of Hırka-i Saadet.
The body of Sultan was washed under the supervision of the school(Enderun) competents.In the body of Sultan, there was no syndrome or death yellowness.
His hair was gray; his eyes were closed, he was in the pit. Abdulhamid Khan did not lose his consciousness until the last moments of his life.
His will was fulfilled in those moments. His chest was covered with a prayer of ahidnâme and the the Hırka-i Saadet handkerchief and a black Kaaba cover was put over the coffin.
Two rows of soldiers lined up from the Hagia Sophia to the tomb.
In the magnificient ceremony, princes, grooms, foreign ambassadors, military attachés, religious, administrative and military people were moving behind the coffins.
The sons of Sultan were trying to maintain their composure in the enormous crowd. Ten thousands of people participated in the funeral.
In deep sorrow, the inhabitants of Istanbul went into the streets. Women were crying shouting out of the windows, “My sultan, who fed us, where are you going by leaving us?”
Despite the 9 years after his being dethroned, the people did not forget Abdulhamid Khan, they showed the loyalty he deserved.
The streets leading to Divanyolu Street were filled with people.
Abdulhamid Khan’s funeral was brought to the tomb built for his grandfather 2. Mahmud and where there was his uncle Abdulaziz Khan accompanied by prayers and saying “Allahuekber” and “Allah! Allah!”
The body of Abdulhamid Khan was put in the grave and buried with respect.
Abdulhamid Khan, who had fought for 33 years in the most critical days of Ottoman history, passed away to the eternal world like this.

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