Fri 13 Rabi Al Awwal 1442AH 30-10-2020AD

Tevbe (Allah’s Mercy)

Ebu Said (r.a) tells:‘Resullullah (A.S.V.) said:
There was a man who lived before you and killed ninety-nine people. He asked about the wisest person in the world. Others told him about a priest. He went to that priest and asked him if he could repent after killing ninety-nine people.
Priest said:-No you can’t! The man killed him aswell, and it was 100 then.
The man kept asking about the wisest person. Others told him about a scholar.
He went to that scholar and asked him if he could repent after killing a hundred people.
The scholar said:-Yes you can, who can be the curtain between you and your repentance?
And he continued:-But you must go to ‘somewhere’. Bexause there are people who pray to Allah. You will worship there with them and never go back to your country. Because it’s a bad place.
The man set off. On the half of the way, the angel of death took his soul.
Grace angels and torment angels fell into dispute about him.
Grace angels said:-This man came as a repentant. His heart turned to Allah.
Torment angels said:-He has done no charity work until now.
Another angel which seemed like human came when they were arguing.
Angels made him the judge.
The judge said:-Calculate the distance between where he set off and where he wanted to go, and give him to the side which he was closest to.They measured it and found out that he was a span closer to the ‘good’ side.Grace angels took him right away.

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