Fri 13 Rabi Al Awwal 1442AH 30-10-2020AD


A little bird who was caught by a greedy person said:
– What are you going to do with me?
– I’m going to slaughter you and eat you.
– I am slender and have very little meat on my body, your stomach will not get full. If you let me go, I’ll give you three very important pieces of advice.
– If you advise me of these 3 pieces of information, I’ll let you go.
– I will tell you the first one when you’re holding me in your hand, the second when I perch on that branch , and the third when I reach that hill.
– Tell me the first one!
– Don’t be sorry about a thing you have lost!
– What’s the second one?
When the bird perched on the branch, it said:
– Don’t believe what’s not going to happen!
– What’s the third piece of advice!
When the bird reached the hill, it said:
– You’re a fool, I have two pearls in my throat. If you slaughtered me, you would have got the pearls.
As soon as the greedy person heard the word pearl, he fainted. He started beating himself. Then he said:
– Come on, what’s the third one!
– You have just forgot the first two. What use will the third be?
– Tell me maybe I won’t forget.
– I said “Don’t be sorry about a thing you have lost!”, you are sorry because you let me go. Then I said “Don’t believe what’s not going to happen!”You have seen my flesh, my bones, I am 100 grams, but then you thought there could be two pearls of fifty grams in my throat.
– You’re not going to tell me the third piece of advice?
– The idiot could understand the advice given to him. Being greedy makes one blind and deaf. It prevents one from seeing the truth.

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