Sun 29 Shaban 1442AH 11-4-2021AD


THE OPERATIONS OF THE TURKISH STATE AND THE TURKISH MILITARY ARE GOING ON. I wrote that the purpose of this operation was far beyond YPG-PKK-DAESH on the first day of the operation. When considered strategically, the huge Turkish STATE would not confront the organization that has been formed lately with such a gigantic power. So the plans are unlike! Let me explain a little more …

Maybe we can understand what’s behind the scenes.

Let’s consider July of 15 as an example… EXTERNAL FORCES known by everyone now, with the ability to move in the Turkish ARMY, would seize first the ARMY, then the state.

Those who carried our flag, our uniform would serve outside the country.

Turkish State and Nation spoiled this game together. By July 15, the government purged many of its important, well-grown people inside. The world was confused, but ANKARA was going on its way.

The army was changing and moving. This was shown in Afrin. Now everyone was challenged. The Turkish gave the message like, “If you cut off our arms, legs, we will get up and walk for the target.”

30 BRIGADES landed at the border with BLUE BERETS and kept the place that is 900 kilometers under control.

They were also destroying their targets.

They were marching with the world’s best BOMB DISPOSAL experts, with the airforce infantry, SAT(underwater demolition team) and SAS(antisubmarine group).

The screaming as “WE RISE FROM OUR ASHES” resonated in all Western capitals. The second big message was sent by sending 30 BRIGADES:

“We are the second largest force in the organization called NATO, come and see. Here we are. If we don’t exist, you don’t exist, too …” There was no other army except the US could fight … Everyone has understood, I guess!

The Turkish state was dealing with Europe, which drew the borders and determined the rules of the game. By saying “Now, here is under my control” it was moving in Syria. Although the US had problems with Ankara sometimes, it knew that it COULDN’T BE WITHOUT Turkey, came to Turkey TAKING RUSSIA ALONGSIDE.

With a great support…

TURKEY was changing the world balance. The Turkish soldier were far beyond the kilometers described. They were way ahead of official figures!

According to the information I have received, LIONS are moving at the speed of light. This was not only limited to demonstrating our power to YPG-PKK-DAESH. It was a great response of those who had not been admitted to EUROPE for 60 years to the STRUCTURE, which destroyed the OTTOMAN. It spoke the language they understood. THE STATE THAT THEY HAD ARRIVED AND DEMOLISHED WHEN IT WAS WEAK, WAS RISING UP, SPEAKING THE LAST WORD …

US and Russia applaud because they knew they could not be without Turkey and the UN was on our side.

Who was against the operation? As I wrote on the first day, it was Europe…

In fact, the Third World War had officially started.

The war that had begun was visible.

THE TURKISH STATE did this! The entry of our troops into SYRIA did not mean that it would only pass down the southern border!

It meant horrifying Paris, Berlin, London, Madrid, Rome, Brussels.

It was the crackling of the European system and their expulsion from the Middle East.

Union that couldn’t establish the European Army, always ignored Turkey, was in a hard situation now. Without Turkey, they couldn’t be in the Middle East, Africa, Eurasia. If they couldn’t, they wouldn’t make… They would fall apart!

Turkey’s this power helped it to get endless support from Us and Russia. A NEW BALANCE OF THE WORLD WAS BEING ESTABLISHED, TURKEY WAS SHOULDERING THIS…

We were there now.

We would have the control.

The STATE they could not demolish was standing up and running quickly to the future. Turkey would have controlled a large area.

It would prosper. It would support the world sovereignty of the USA and Russia by embracing the region in its hands.

It would grow, become a great power…. NOW TURKEY IS ON THIS ROUTE anymore. Those who opposed the Washington-Ankara-Moscow TRIANGLE for years were pushed a step back. … Turkey moved. It will not stop … The new world balance was changing and being established with the decision of Turkey… The BIG COUNTRY which was purged, actually was considered that it was purged after WORLD WAR, was rising up.

This is the case! The rest is not important.

Laugh to those who say otherwise …

NOTE: NATO is actually done in fact with Turkey’s Syria operations.

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