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The Decision of 100 Years

The MEDITERRANEAN. This is a world agenda now. It will continue to be so. There is a great war on the ground that for some reason cannot be seen here. The struggle is between WASHINGTON and LONDON…

After the collapse of the Soviets, the new system could not be established. After the SECOND BIG WAR, London carried its power into the United States. The system went on for years with the false tension between Washington and Moscow. Now the USA does not want London in it, and London intends to be the BOSS alone.

This is the FIGHT.

The power called London is a structure that can affect up to 70 countries in addition to money. The USA, on the other hand, is a power that has received the status of the last empire by putting  weapons and technology with money. The PARTNERSHIP is over, the war has begun.

The SILK ROAD, which reaches London from China, was about the world England wanted to establish  by taking China with it. The SILK ROAD would consist of wagons led by China.Turkey also holds an important place where this chain partners in 65 countries, the new system would be the winners.

Metal LONDON, labour China, Turkey strategic move, Iran transition base, would be the last stop in Italy.

This was the design.

However, the vicious political debates inside kept us away from the plan that would last maybe 100 years. Nobody wanted to look outside the country and see what was going on. The difficulty of the struggle was not explained and understood.

It still is…

The MEDITERRANEAN issue does not seem to be resolved on the table. President Erdoğan may meet with MERKEL and Macron with Miçotakis. They can also promise us at the table.

They may also say “YOU ARE RIGHT”.

However, the problem is not resolved here.

Because the issue is not limited to the EUROPEAN UNION, which wants to be a power in the MEDITERRANEAN.

Not at all.

DEEP AMERICA first of all dreams of a EUROPE that it can control. Their biggest competitors in real terms are EUROPE. They don’t say this. Although it looks like China, the main issue is not CHINA. But the London-Beijing alliance, led by Britain, is an important, devastating rival. If they start getting a well beside Turkey as a partner it will be a difficult time for the United States.


Where would England go when it left EUROPE? Who or with whom would he partner? Where was the journey heading? The answer to this was the SILK ROAD…

It was a huge system that included Europe and the Middle East and Eurasia.

That was the war….

There was also the fact that AMERICA knew what was happening in the world with the NSA. They had enough strength to know who stood up with whom. That being the case, CHESS had to start.


The struggle was between these formations, alliances…

It was like that in the MEDITERRANEAN.


Do not look at the fact that we are facing GREECE.

Don’t be fooled by the foaming of France. The EUROPEAN UNION wanted to get a big share in the MEDITERRANEAN.

GERMANY in the back was standing firmly.

If they could not be in the SILK ROAD and the MEDITERRANEAN, they could not be in AFRICA or the MIDDLE EAST.

It would become increasingly difficult to survive as they were out of energy. They knew that. England took the side of the key countries, like Turkey and Iran gave the start of the new world with it PARTNERS through China.

For this reason, the TERROR acts in London and the street events in Hong Kong were links in the same chain. When this fight came to the surface, the parties started to be formed inside. Nobody cares about the PANDEMIC, new party names appear, alliances were established. It is useful to be realistic. Politicians may not know. I do not know. But in key countries such as Turkey, nobody can take steps towards internal politics. They can’t. Discourses can be like that.

There are words to be heard inside. Accept.


Turkey’s whereabouts, where, with whom it starred in the framework of the alliance, is important.

Kılıçdaroğlu, Davutoğlu, Karamollaoğlu, Babacan, Demirtaş, Akşener…

Maybe they do not accept, but they all ask that they intentionally or unintentionally change the direction of TURKEY. And those who do not like the direction of Turkey, clamp financial standing ready in the middle. In addition to the language used in the meetings, there are also non-spoken sections in the interviews.

I do not want to go through the names, but some politicians want to walk with GERMANY, some with EUROPE and some with the USA. The positions of the world war in the MEDITERRANEAN are also in politics at home.

It has always been.

The MEDITERRANEAN is so valuable that the USA and CHINA, which has no relation with the MEDITERRANEAN, are also involved….

ISRAEL, known to everyone as close to the USA, is actually close to the UK. POMPEO, which we shared as “SHADOW PRESIDENT” over and over again, is an important actor on the field to  change the game.

They brought ISRAEL close to BRITAIN and ARAB COUNTRIES close to BRITAIN side by side via Trump.

It was the biggest event recently!

We have no possibility of agreement with either the United States of America or the EUROPEAN UNION. This is clear.

Actually, all capital cities know this, but the game continues like this. The same centers were behind all the operations that took place on July 15 and before.

For this reason, Ankara moved away from the US and EUROPEAN axis.

CHESS has never been so difficult! Everyone has to make vital moves. Nobody can wait long.

Nobody can watch for a long time. We will have tension with EUROPE. IT IS CERTAIN…

Economically, the tension will increase. IT IS CERTAIN.

However, the USA will never stay away from this game. Sometimes it will come via Israel, sometimes via the United Arab Emirates, sometimes via Egypt. Sometimes via Libya.

This should not be forgotten.

The European Union is after PAY in the MEDITERRANEAN.

Britain and the USA are EMPIRES. A world where MONEY, WEAPON, TECHNOLOGY, GOODS and SERVICES are under control.

The USA intends to do this alone, the UK with its partners…

And the partnership has not happened so far. Couldn’t. When the ARAB SPRING started in 2010, this SHARING WAR started. Nobody understood it. The year is 2020. We are now reading the script written 10 years ago.

I hope I’m wrong! I hope I exaggerate! But I’m far from the US reaction to the maps released or the stories of the European Union PEACE TABLE.

I do not believe. The Soviets were at one end of the system that came with WAR. There were them on one end of the seesaw and America on the other. Even if the world is shaken by COVID-19, even if it is PANDEMIC, there is no solution at the table in the MEDITERRANEAN.

If someone gives up what they want, it is different thing!

Therefore, we must be very alert and careful. Who can guarantee that one small mistake will not grow in the MEDITERRANEAN right now! Who can prevent a provocation that could turn into war!


Therefore, both inside and outside Turkey has to take the lead.

Either we will have a promise to speak for 100 years or 100 years of silence. This is the situation!..

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