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The End Game

The End Game!

The last knot of the world will be resolved in the MEDITERRANEAN. This being so, Turkey is always in the headlines.

No solution is possible without us. Those who know this are trying to come in different ways…

Let’s dig a little deeper…

Let’s see the game and the actors from a different perspective.

As we shared yesterday, Europe’s biggest player Germany, talks to Russia and China through the back door and is on its way. But the real issue is Germany wants to see the Turkey they are facing. For this, there is no promise they can not make or steps they cannot take! The USA comes first among those who are disturbed by this… For this reason we started to watch the USA’s Germany operation through Russia. However, Pompeo had a try out with Gina Haspel or they had no cards left. Russia and Germany made very important agreements behind closed doors. In the new era, we will see Germany and Russia in never-known equations. This is clear! It is useful to look at the developments in Syria and Libya in this way.

The USA realizing this, took steps to break this alliance. Primarily, the North Stream Project, which will destroy all of NATO’s security, as the chosen target. The USA knows that they have to bring Berlin and Moscow against each other to block the North Stream Project. Berlin and Moscow are also aware of this.

The old-fashioned door was knocked upon. An assassination door opened! It is useful to refresh the memory right here.

In November 2015, the world started the day with shocking news…

A fighter jet violating Turkish airspace on the Syrian border was shot down at around 09:30 by two F-16 aircraft belonging to the Turkish Armed Forces in accordance with the rules of engagement. It was alleged that the warplane shot on the tents in Yamani village of the Turkmen region. It was stated that the plane in question was a SU-24 type Russian warplane.

This was the main subject of the previous news. NATO member, a strong country Turkey was shooting a Russian warplane.


The tension took off.

Russia began to use its economic card. Turkey didn’t step back. Diplomacy stepped in. Relations softened over time.

Seeing this, the CIA took to the stage again … Thinking that there should be a gap between the two countries, the USA put the Russian Ambassador KARLOV as the target … The Russian Ambassador Karlov died in the attack organized during the opening of the photo exhibition at the Center of Contemporary Arts in DECEMBER 2016. The attacker Mevlüt Mert Altıntaş, who was working in the Ankara Riot Police Branch Directorate, was killed after a conflict with the special operations police. They wanted these two capitals to stay away. It was obvious.. Just as in accordance with this scenario, itshould have opened up between GERMANY and RUSSIA.

A plan similar to Karlov was made. The CIA was to execute German Ambassador to Moscow Geza Andreas von Geyr.

Although this seems to be a very important determination, the comment “What if relations between Germany and Russia do not deteriorate” came to the fore. Karlov’s assassination was not in to distant history. The example was clear.

A 100 percent successful assassination had yielded a 100 percent unsuccessful result.

The assassination was abandoned because this was considered. Fingers turned to the Russian opposition figure Alexei Navalny. He would be executed. However, the CIA concluded that Alexei Navalny was an ineffective opponent to Putin.

Since Alexei Navalny was the only dissident close to Germany in Russia, it was decided not to execute, but to be poisoned. The name was clear now…

However, the operation should not have resulted in DEATH… SO IT WAS… On the plane going to Moscow, he was poisoned by American agents. There was poison in the tea he drank. He wasn’t supposed to die. Germany would ask for Navalny for treatment, Putin, who would show a hard stance, would not allow it, and diplomacy would not solve this problem, resulting in tension in the relations between the two countries. That was the plan!

The CIA knew Putin very well. Despite all the demands of Berlin, the Kremlin did not give permission for Aleksey Navalny to be treated in Berlin. However, Putin allowed Alexei Navalny to go to Germany in order to avoid problems with the Nord Stream Project. The Kremlin also handed over documents to the Germans proving how Navalny was poisoned by the CIA. The Germans, too, now know that Navalny was poisoned because the Nord Stream was the target.

German officials took another interesting step.

They explained that Navalny was struggling with a disease not caused by poisoning. Actually Navalny had been poisoned.

But Germany had seen the USA hand like a game of poker. Germany had asked Russia to deactivate UKRAINE on the energy card, and that happened. This was a brand new setup. The USA was very uncomfortable with this. NATO shared the same ideas and thought the operation was theirs.

If the project had passed through Ukraine, it would not be a problem for the USA. Now the USA about to take a step against the possibility of Turkey-Germany partnership in the Mediterranean. With this step maybe we are entering a battle at the end of Greece’s tensions with Turkey? This possibility is no less at all.. The MEDITERRANEAN is a subject that many people do not understand. However, developments will highlight the MEDITERRANEAN as the center of the world. Turkey has seen it and made the move..

In Libya, they destroyed not only HAFTER, but many known unknown alliances. This brought power to ANKARA on the table.

To change Turkey’s route, economic pressures will increase, there will be stretched politics inside and will intensify pressure from the outside … You don’t need to be an analyst to see this. But there is this! Turkey is the most powerful country in the region and will remain so. Those who finish the showdowns among themselves will come and say “you get the biggest share”… Watch and see… And watch out for Greece!

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