Fri 13 Rabi Al Awwal 1442AH 30-10-2020AD


Abdullah Kalanisi (K.S.), one of the friends of Allah, was once caught in a fierce storm when traveling by ship.The passengers and the crew on the ship prayed and made a vow.
They told Abdullah Kalanisi to make a vow.Abdullah Kalanisi told those who offered to make a vow:
– “I am not interested in the mortal world. Don’t force me like this.”But they did not listen and insisted on him to make a vow.
In response to their insistence, Abdullah said:
– If Allah saves me from here safely, I will not eat elephant meat.
The ship’s crew and the passengers said:
– Do people even eat elephant meat? Why did you make such a weird vow? And they talked about him being crazy.
Abdullah Kalanisi, who heard this conversation, said:
– That’s what I want. That’s how I made a vow.
Allah saved them from the severe storm and took them to a barren and deserted land. A number of days passed and they could not find any food.They saw a baby elephant whilst they were starving. They killed it and started eating its flesh,Abdullah bin Kalanisi remained faithful to his wow and did not eat the elephant meat.
They said:
– There’s a necessity here. We ate because we had to. So you can eat it, too.
But Abdullah bin Kalanisi didn’t listen to the utterances, even though he was really hungry and starving, he still did not eat the elephant meat.After they ate its flesh, they suddenly fell asleep. A little later, the mother elephant came.When she saw the bones of her baby there, she sniffed them one by one. She killed everyone who had the scent of its offspring.Then she approached Abdullah bin Kalanisi. When she couldn’t smell anything, she turned its back and pointed him to ride her. He rode the elephant.She took him to an unknown place. He got off there. He met a few people there at dawn, the people took him to their homes andthey hosted him.
This is “fidelity” and its amazing result…

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