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The Five Eyes

The shockwave that Coronavirus startedis now showing its true colors.

An important step was taken the night before. Pompeo had already explicitly said “China is guilty… The virus was leaked from the laboratory in Wuhan. And its spread was not prevented. Necessary actions will be taken.”

Then the UK, Canada, New Zealand and Australia intelligence agencies, comprising four of the five member Anglophone Intelligence Alliance known as Five Eyes(FVEY), declared that they agreed with US Intelligence. This is one of the latest, most important developments during the Coronavirus crisis.

It was bad news for China.

Really bad.

What was coronavirus produced for?

What was U.S. President Trump planning, when US Secretary of State Pompeo said that the virus was produced in China and prepared in the lab?

The American Bureau of Intelligence and Research reports to Secretary of State Pompeo.

Pompeo asked for reports on 6 countries, the first week he took office.

China, Russia, Britain, Turkey, Venezuela and Iran.

When we examin these 6 countries, we see that 3 of them are oil producers, one is the base of production and the other is the master of Europe. Turkey has an edge due to its strategic location, like an aircraft carrier watching over the Middle East, Eurasia, Mediterranean and the Black Sea.

The detailed report was prepared and Washington’s course of action began to solidify. We have observed this over time.

After Pompeo took office, China, Russia, Britain, Turkey, Venezuela, and Iran started to get bullied by Washington, which was no coincidence.

It was unusual for the United States and Britain to face off.

More precisely, the tension between the two countries was masterfully hidden up until now.

Britain provided China’s national security. China, in return,  produced, sent goods to Europe, and Europe’s control was indirectly handed over to London. France and Germany had to import from China.

For this, they had to deal with Britain.

“China is growing, it’s true. This is indeed a risk for us. But the game doesn’t end when someone becomes the greatest economic power. It is necessary to stop your opponent. Then you can stay as an economic superpower,” said Mathew Burrows, a friend of Pompeo who advises American intelligence agencies.

“You will give up your dream of becoming a superpower,” Burrows warned China. Burrows did not know about the virus when he said this many years ago, but surely, the plan was prepared.

Now, China faces huge problems. 20 trillion dollars  reperations claims are spreading. China will be fully controlled. China will not be able to export and import as it used to anymore. The amount and form of compensation is now being prepared in Washington.

Did China hide the virus?

Yes. However, China had done the same thing with SARS and MERS viruses. The death toll was hard to ignore with both of the viruses. Many European countries also suffered severe SARS and MERS losses. The cause of death was written off as seasonal flu, and the case was closed.

So, the USA decided to change the management system of the world with Coronavirus.

For this, the USA must not have official debts.

In other words, the foreign loans that exceeded 23 trillion dollars and the US budget, which has a deficit of about 1 trillion dollars annually, could not bear any more debt.

Such a country could not be the sovereign power: It couldn’t stay as one.

This problem could not be solved by invading oil-producing countries.

The US emergency plan has been launched. The operation was completely economical. But there were many who did not understand.

Yesterday and today, China was the primary target.

But Washington would give a new role to Russia in the new system, to Venezuela, which is between life and death, and even to the great power of Britain. They are the problem here. Britain was considering suing China for compensation. However, almost all of the still strong families in the UK oppose this great strategy planned against China. This is also extremely natural. Because China is with England, even though it is not written in the books. Every strong family in China is partners with the British.

Very powerful business people, such as Alibaba founder Jack Ma, Evergrande Group President Hui Ka Yan, the boss of China’s most important pharmaceutical company Jiangsu Hengrui Medicine, Sun Piaoyang, and the owner of the real estate giant Country Garden, Yang Huiyan, make their decisions together with London. To go even further, the wealth of all is actually under the rule of London. That much is clear.

The United States is also planning economic sanctions against China under Pompeo. Pompeo is also known to have come a long way in this regard, considering to cut off the arm of families in London with the economic sanction, along with reperations. It is said that US is loosely threatening arrests, to stop the Chinese businessmen who are close to London from travelling abroad. There’s a Washington who plans to blacklist those companies, too. Investigations are being carried out for 50 Chinese companies.

Chinese families still rely on London, however. Of course, they have no choice but to. Because the people living ordinary lives were elected by London to become billionaires. The cost is lifetime commitment.

Of course, there is intelligence reports that some among them are in contact with Washington.

The team led by Pompeo, following the instructions of the Deep State, continues to stick to the route. They will get rid of their debts and force reparations, change the geography of production and consumption, and start from scratch with New Money. They will re-format and continue. This is what they want to do. They are after a system change that wouldn’t even be possible with a great war.

This is the case. If they succeed, there will be serious political consequences in many countries.

If they do not encounter an obstacle and resistance, they will change a lot of things.

They are charging straight ahead.

This is the current situation.

Let’s see.

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