Sat 14 Rabi Al Awwal 1442AH 31-10-2020AD


The Noble, Ameer Ul Momineen Omar bin Khattab Radiyallahu anhu wrote a letter to the leaders of Himi tribe during the time of his caliphate and he enquired about the poor and needy in the area as he wanted to help and support them. The people from Himis listed the poor people in and around Damascus and they submitted the list to the Noble Caliph (R.A). When Ameer Ul Momineen Omar (R.A.) recieved the list and analysed the information, he discovered that, at, the top of the list was the name of the judge Sa’d bin Amir, he asked for the financial status of the judge. They said:
– “Our judge is very poor. Because he fears that people would understand his wealth or status as money earned through illegal means or bribery so he doesn’t accept even the smallest of gifts.”
Ameer Ul Momineen Omar (R.A) liked this response
– There must be some bad sides that you do not like of the judge who is so scared of Allah.
They said that they had complaints about their judge and were not satisfied with some of his behaviour. They listed them like this:
1 – Our judge has to start his duty after the morning prayer, but he starts his duty at noon.
2 – We do not see the judge amongst us when we gather in the evenings. He is at his own house, he does not have a relationship with the public.
3 – One day in a week, he does not even leave his house, he locks his door from inside and does not make a sound.
4 – There is an incident that he’s witnessed. When it comes to his mind, he feels like he will faint and becomes sick because of his sadness.They said that incident is the murder of one of the companions of Prophet Muhammad Hubeyb.
The Noble, Ameer Ul Momineen Omar (R.A), who listened to the complaints of the people of Himis, sent them some supplies and clothing.He also invited the judge Sa’d bin Amir to visit him and explain about the causes of his flaws.
When the judge came to The Noble, Ameer Ul Momineen Omar (R.A) Omar, the Caliph said that the people of Himis had some complaints, and he asked the causes of his four flaws.He explained these four flaws:
– For my first flaw; Since my family is ill, I personally do all the work of the house and therefore I cannot get to my office until noon time.For the second one; you can allow a person who does his duty for the public in the day to pray at night.I think of what I have done all day long, I wonder if there is a flaw in my work.For the third one; I have no clothes to wear other than the clothes I am currently wearing. I wash my clothes once a week and I’m busy with cleaning my house.I don’t have a dress to wear until my laundry dries, and I cannot talk to anyone in this manner or state.
It is true that I faint when I remember the martyrdom of Hubeyb. Because I was with them while the unbelievers executed Hubeyb.Maybe I could have prevented the execution, but I hadn’t chosen Islam at that time, so I decided to be just an on-looker and spectate.I can’t help myself as it comes to my mind. I’m afraid of the responsibility for this event and so I get sick.
He explained in detail of his flaws to the Caliph Omar (R.A).
The Caliph’s eyes were rolling with tears upon hearing this and He (R.A) was very pleased with the explanation of Sa’d bin Amir (R.A.). In later times, He (R.A.) cried as he remembered Sad.”Oh Sa’d, the fear of Allah glorified you,” he used to say this and be proud of him.

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