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The German Way


The Rockefeller family, one of the most important families in the USA, made a move for the MEDITERRANEAN in 2014, when there was no other choice. They demanded a Turkish-US partnership in the Mediterranean. It did not happen for various reasons.
ANKARA did not accept this as the balances did not fit well.

Neither they nor other countries, stopped to ask why such a mediterranean partnership with Turkey..

The MEDITERRANEAN was AFRICA’s gateway to the seas and Europe, as well as gas and oil wealth.

It was as valuable as jewelery.

Everyone wanted to have a say there. Turkey knew this and earned a gold-valued position in LIBYA.

And it did this with the strength of it’s wrist.

Still some people do not understand the LIBYA card. However, big countries such as the USA, Germany, England, China, Russia and Japan have to be in the MEDITERRANEAN in some way. It’s all about making a move according to this.


Now let’s go from an important player…GERMANY…

The German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas, is visiting Greece and Turkey..

In recent days, to reduce tension between the two countries and to end tensions between Turkey and Europe. That’s what they said! So what’s the truth? Even if you follow Bill Gates, you will see that the EUROPEAN UNION will collapse, fall apart and weaken.. There are many names in the USA that express this. There are voices with the same frequency which are also rising from Europe.

The USA wants to stop and control CHINA with the EUROPEAN UNION in grand political style.

Everyone will come to TURKEY and will knock on the door. Because the Mediterranean has the largest land border with Turkey.
When you know this, if you put on Ankara’s impact in the region, it is not difficult to predict who will come to the door.

As Germany prepares for the new era, they know that they will have a conflict with the USA inside and outside.

Although the German economy is very, very strong, it is dependent upon the United States. Now Germany has to be in the Mediterranean in the new era. For this reason, they want to work with every country that has a coast on the Mediterranean. Berlin will make the selection in the end. Germany wants to be a private mediator against the tensions between Turkey-Greece and Turkey-France. Germany actually wants to be the biggest winner with the Schuman Plan. Heiko Maas is also on the road for this …

So what is the Schuman Plan?

In 1950, everything was very, very bad. According to the Schuman Plan, centuries of tension between France and Germany had to end in order to establish peace in Europe. The way to achieve this was to ensure joint coal and steel production in line with the plan and to keep this organization open to the participation of all European states.

In fact, the motivation behind this was that the USA came and collapsed into EUROPE. It was that they performed as the BOSS after the SECOND BIG WAR. This move was the main motivation that procuring cause to the EUROPEAN UNION..

There are the tensions between Turkey and Greece and Germany wants to find a solution by this method. Germany will also win the Turkey-Greece partnership in the Eastern Mediterranean. Turkey and Greece will be happy with “win-win” formula.

Of course, this plan was made in Berlin. Turkey is not interested in this plan for now. There upon GERMANY also brought it’s economy cards on the table and putting pressure on Turkey from tourism to exportation. The aim is to get Ankara to get accept the Schuman Plan..

This is Germany’s hidden agenda …

If Turkey accepts some of the Schuman Plan and Germany’s demands about the Mediterranean, Berlin will invest in Turkey.

They will make this promise behind closed doors.

If Berlin and Ankara become partners in the Mediterranean, there will be serious foreign currency inflow for Turkey.

With the opposition to Turkey which is peaking with covid-19 shows that was a reflection of the greater plan.

Because the Mediterranean plan is a study that Germany has been focusing on for 5 years. There is also the other side of the coin…

If Turkey become partners with the Germany, Turkey will be the direct target of the USA. However, Germany believes that Turkey will overcome these difficult days with two different alliances. Because Germany has serious talks with China and Russia. The Mediterranean will get warmer in the coming days. The USA is considering that Turkey and Greece will enter into conflict with a spark. Of course, we will see how realistic this plan will be in the coming days.

However, a power in the USA, wants Greece and Turkey to bring the war. It is also an important power. If this happens, all of Germany’s plans sink into the Mediterranean. The war will save Washington!

The German President Frank Walter Steinmeier met with the CEOs of Volkswagen, BMW and the Daimler Group last month. He said that if the German state’s decision is successfully implemented in the Mediterranean, some investments will be shifted to different countries. He asked for support from all of them in this regard. CEOs of companies, which include many brands, said they would support this decision. Now we will see how all companies will play a role in Germany’s state decision. If the German state makes a decision, companies are 100 percent behind this decision.

Now three giant company CEO, agree to invest in Turkey and Greece is proof that an agreement in this area in Germany. These developments will soon provide us with important details. The Mediterranean was always important ..

Today is much more important. However, research shows that the Mediterranean will be much more valuable in thecoming years. In this respect, you should read the participation of new players in the alliance against AK PARTY and MHP, their use of the same language and their lock on the same goal. The most valuable aspect of Turkey is the location on the world. Who will use this position will determine the global balance.

The event is much bigger than you think…

The fight is great….

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