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The Great Alliance

The Great Alliance

Recently, DEEP AMERICA has come to the fore-front with greater visibility, especially with the Rockfeller and Rothschild family..

At the head of the families that the deep state of America is most afraid, are these two and other dynasties that they are more afraid of. Families…

Although this may seem strange to some people but the truth is this..

Deep America increased its power within the family after David Rockefellers death.

They even started to move in the same direction..

We have seen that Deep America is not backing down anymore on issues they faced the Rothschild family. There are many events and many examples that reveal this.. However, the Baillieu family or Baillieu Dynasty, who are the real owners of Australia, whose names are unheard of, is above all the secret organizations to which Deep America is affiliated.

Marshall Baillieu, a former politician. Although Australia is a country far away, the Baillieu family is Washington’s most important power. Not all members of Deep America want to face off against Marshall Baillieu.

Now the Rothschild family has taken perhaps the most important step of 2020. This step, which is more effective than the pandemic, led the Rothschild family and the Baillieu family to form a partnership.

Marshall Baillieu has also served in ordinary financial institutions. He always remained behind the scenes and hidden.

Marshall Baillieu, perhaps the most important and strongest living name in the world, always preferred to live ordinary and to look like a loser. Rothschild & Co is the world’s most important investment bank. Rothschild & Co was run from Australia, not England. That’s why Marshall Baillieu became president of Rothschild & Co, Australia.

And someone who is an 84-year-old just does not become the president of a bank. This statement is an announcement that he has taken over the power he manages.

It is useful to look at the PARTNERSHIP and ALLIANCE like this.

Marshall Baillieu was the first to come up with the idea of Cyprus becoming the new offshore hub..

Marshall Baillieu wants the island of Cyprus, which is about 14,000 kilometers away, to become an offshore center, it may seem incomprehensible wherever you look. However, the center of the new world will be the Mediterranean.

Therefore, the Mediterranean will become more and more important every day. We see how seriously those who scream and want to be the powerhouse in the Mediterranean.

Is it just Europe? The USA, China and even Japan are taking steps to enter the Mediterranean. This is where the great alliance of BAILLIEU AND ROTHSCHILD will be the beginning of a new era. Deep America can no longer ignore the Rothschild family.

If it continues to keep it out of its plans, it means that Deep America has very, very important trump cards.

How Baillieu and Rothschild came together is still unknown.. In DEEP AMERICA there are many, very important names close to the Baillieu family. Like Steve Bannon….

He was always very close with the Baillieu family. There are even those who think Marshall Baillieu partnered with Rothschild with the arrest of Steve Bannon. More precisely, there are many noteworthy names claiming that Steve

Bannon’s move overflowed the glass.

Marshall Baillieu called Justice Secretary William Barr and said he would hold President Trump, Vice President Pence, Secretary of State Pompeo responsible for any negation that could happen to Bannon. Yes you didn’t read WRONG!

Someone you do not know at all or who is completely unknown is CALLING THE HEAD OF THE USA AND GIVING INSTRUCTIONS …

It is not likely to happen, but it happened….

Marshall Baillieu sent a special protection team to Bannon, which he had bailed out for 5 million dolars.

This team of former soldiers took Bannon under protection.. Will a new game take shape over Bannon now? We must understand this. Because Marshall Baillieu was not running Deep America, but he had an influence. A lot indeed.

Now sitting at the same table with the opponent shows that the new era will be mixed even more. The pandemic continues and it show’s its impact on politics and economy and it will continue to do so.

The Great Alliance

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