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The Koch Affect

I had the opportunity this weekend and sat and watched the TV series THE COMEY RULE.

JAMES COMEY.. He was the legendary head of the FBI.

It stood out as the force that pushed Hillary Clinton away from the WHITE HOUSE.

He was also the one who revealed the connections between Trump and Russia.

Although the series tells about COMEY’s experience, it was interesting that it came to the screens before a very critical election.

Of course, there were places that should be noted in the series.

But it was really interesting that it drew attention to CHAOS.

Nobody, including Comey’s family, disliked TRUMP, excluded it, and refused to accept it in the White House.

When you watch The Comey Rule, you understand how Trump is fighting inside the United States.

A settled structure does not accept Trump.

However, it does not disrupt its duties and blocks Hillary Clinton due to the mail traffic.

What the series does not say or cannot say is the option of Trump staying and the possibility of possible internal turmoil. Trump has recently begun to speak of this.

In fact, after the point where he confronted the Chief of General Staff, discussions on “Trump will not leave the seat if he is not elected” began.

Indeed, this was the episode highlighted in the series…

Will the election results be accepted or not?

If Biden loses, will there be street actions?

We will live and see this.

Millions of votes are cast by mail. Nobody knows how healthy it is ..

I think Americans will vote and the STATE will count.

This choice will affect the world as well as in Turkey …

For this reason, it is imperative to look at the event well above the Trump-Biden conflict …

NOVEMBER is very, very important …

The US Presidential election is the second wave of the Coronavirus and the most important step of the Great Reset.

Time magazine is also out with the Great Reset cover.

The magazine removed a section on the world map on the cover.

What does that section indicate to us?

First of all, that part is perhaps the most talked about point on the world map today.

So the Mediterranean.

Although the Great Reset may seem like a climate-centric reset, it is obvious that it is an economical start.

While the Mediterranean tension has been going on for weeks, Time’s coming out with this cover is an indicator that the Big Reset is economical.

The importance of the Mediterranean has increased even more.

The Mediterranean commercially connects East and West.

It is the most important point where Asia-Europe and Africa continents intersect.

Gibraltar, the Suez Canal and the Red Sea are in the region. The Mediterranean is also in the center.

The oil and natural gas reserves of the Mediterranean also show us the justification of Time’s cover.

On the cover, the drought in the North African part does not go unnoticed.

This implies that North African countries are on target.

All of the key teams conducting strategic research in the United States and Britain put the Mediterranean first in the Great Reset. Likewise, the powers in Germany and France are thinking of a Great Reset that countries not in the Mediterranean will lose. Russia and China are also taking every step for the Mediterranean.

In the widespread mobilization in the region, the US distributed new roles to some Gulf countries.

The United Arab Emirates ranks first in this regard.

One of the most important think tanks of the United States, Center for Strategic & International Studies (CSIS), is the secret strategic advisor of Time magazine.

We should evaluate the latest cover of Time with a report from CSIS in 2018.

In the report, “Washington, should surround Turkey from the island of Cyprus. For this, soldiers should be taken to Cyprus. Against Turkey, in the Eastern Mediterranean, supporting the formation of Israel, Greece, Cyprus, Egypt is important for national security” it was said.

The situation became even more interesting when we got deeper into the incident.

While Trump paid 750 DOLLARS tax in his own country, it turned out that he paid 188 thousand dollars tax in CHINA.

The New York Times was reporting this a few days before the elections. Biden, who was preparing to try to stop China by taking Europe with him, was also related to China. His son was in partnership with the Chinese Government.

There were funds taken, deposited into the account. I guess we don’t have a chance to read the future wind through Trump or Biden.

We have to look at the Global Stream represented by the two names. With Covid-19, the world experienced a fear.

Now the second wave has again covered every country. Whatever we experience, the result will be economical.

The event we see and experience on the stage right now is the US-CHINA war.

However, with the Pandemic, all central banks are under threat. If it continues like this for a while, no central bank will be able to protect its identity.

The only coin, digital currency, is therefore at your doorstep.


To finish the central banks and condemn them to the only option in despair.

National coins will run out, new ones will come.

This is what is planned.

But who will manage this? How will this be managed?

To understand this, let’s go to a recent event in the USA.

Let’s reach for the step taken as a sign that the election results will fall to the court.

What kind of actions the US will face is already unknown.

However, the person who will elect the president is CHARLES KOCH.

He supports Trump.

His last event was like a signature on what I wrote.

The U.S. Senate approved the appointment of Amy Coney Barrett, nominated by President Donald Trump, as Supreme Court judge. While Trump called this development “a very important day for America”, Barrett took an oath in the White House and began to duty.

In the 100-member Senate, 52 members voted in favor and 48 members voted against for Barrett’s membership of the Supreme Court.

Susan Collins was the only Republican senator to oppose Barrett’s membership.

Barrett, 48, was the third judge to be appointed to the Supreme Court under Trump.

After Trump was elected the 45th President of the United States in 2016, Neil Gorsuch was appointed as Supreme Court judges in 2017 and Brett Kavanaugh in 2018. So who has regulated the US legal system since 1974?

Of course Charles Koch … Koch brothers…

Charles Koch commented “the cornerstone of Great America” for the election of Judge Barrett.

So what was Judge Amy Coney Barrett saying?

This : I will walk the same path as Judge Antonin Scalia.

The symbol name was SCALIA, the man of KOCHLAR!

Amy Coney Barrett stated that she was Kochlar’s employee with these words.

And if the fate of the election is up to the court, it was PRESIDENT TRUMP!

Whoever Koch wanted, he would be the president.

The new money, the point where the war with China would come, and the new world order would meet with the daylight after the president was announced.

There was KOCH in the back.

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