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The Last Turning

The world has been shaking for about 8-9 months.As the shocks increase, more crises emerge. Turkey also occupies a critical bend, Turkey becomes inevitably a target.

Everyone says something and writes. We respect everyone’s opinion.

However, I still do not think that what is happening is understood correctly.

COVID-19, PANDEMIC, CORONAVIRUS whatever it is, took the stage for a change.

When the political developments and economic results are placed side by side or overlap, the picture becomes clearer. Although there are many who miss…

Some of them even aim to polish the intentional spots even as they are in charge.

This is not a situation that concerns us either…

To understand the pressures on Turkey, I believe that we have to read the world well.

Let’s open a little…

Yesterday I started the day by NOTING THE ECONOMIC DATA FROM CHINA. According to news reports, economic growth in China was 4.9 percent in the third quarter of the year.

That was the news!

I do not know how right or wrong. But that was the information given to the world. CHINA was growing while everyone was laying down with the CORONAVIRUS…

This was where I was interested in…

Let’s also look at these numbers!

Let’s go one by one…


The US Department of Commerce announced that the country’s economy has experienced the sharpest contraction since the 1930 Great Depression due to the Corona effect.

In the United States, shrinkage was at a record level.


One third of the economy was gone.

This was close to the picture that could emerge after a war!

Well others…

For example, GERMANY…

Coronavirus also hit GERMANY.


Germany was experiencing 10.1 PERCENT shrinkage due to the pandemic effect.

This was a very important figure for Germany!

So Germany was like that, but how was its biggest partner FRANCE in EUROPE?

The situation was not very bright.

They had a worse epidemic period than Germany.

The contraction was 13.8 percent.

Do not be bored with numbers. Have a little patience…


Spain was one of the countries most shaken by Covid-19

Life sometimes came to a complete standstill.

Spain has not experienced such a shrinkage since the 1930s.

The shrinkage was recorded as 17.8 PERCENT there. ITALY will come to mind immediately.

The situation with them was not very pleasant either. They were breaking records with a shrinkage of 12.8 percent.

Things were not going well in Europe.

They couldn’t find a way out…

12.2 PERCENT in Belgium, 10.7 PERCENT in Austria, 14.1 PERCENT in Portugal were shrinking, shrinking, in other words, there was impoverishment.

All EUROPE suffered the same fate…

Even the most boutique country NETHERLANDS had 9 PERCENT going back…

Britain was increasing this figure to 20 PERCENT!

What was it that led to these? Of course, CORONAVIRUS…

Transition to the digital world and all that was part of the story.

This process started 40 years ago when the Pentagon used the INTERNET among themselves.

With the entry of Steve Jobs into our lives, APPLE and its bringings had already opened an irreversible path.

Apart from DIGITAL WAR, there had to be another motivation, another struggle, another war! THERE WAS!

The United States of America had put CHINA on the table that USA had set up after the SECOND WORLD WAR.

Despite the opposition.

With President NIXON, the rise of CHINA continued by breaking records.

And I guess at some point it was uncontrollable.

But every sane person in the USA was seeing and reporting this.

China was exporting an average of 2.5 trillion USD per year.

Roughly 500 billion dollars of this was to the USA! In other words, 1 of the 5 items of goods were consumed by the AMERICANS.

When you brought Europe and EURASIA side by side, and when you put the USA on top of it, the market of CHINA appeared.

Let’s get to the point now!

After the coronavirus emerged, in one way or another, the West, especially the USA, lost.

Western economies have been shaken.

The danger grew.

And the WEST fell into despair.

Inside everyone, “I wonder if we made a mistake by shifting investments to CHINA? Did we give way to China too much?

Did we start a game that no one except China could win?” sought answers to such questions.

There were two options for the USA.

It would either fight, stop CHINA, or control Beijing with the Western Alliance.

But to invite everybody to this war, a HAMMER, a CARD, a FICTION was needed.

So why would countries take sides with the USA

A fear, a despair had to be shown. I think it happened like this…

The USA has contributed everyone to its war. It seems to have achieved this with the CORONAVIRUS…

It put Russia on the target. It tried in every way to get itself between China and Europe.

It reduced Russia to the CAUCASUS.

A few days ago, a teacher was beheaded in France.

It was ÇEÇEN who cut it! So RUSSIA would have a hard time in the CAUCASUS…

They were coming in waves

Washington or DEEP AMERICA spread its struggle with CHINA around the world.

And it somehow took EUROPE with it.

With the game it started over Israel, it took all ARAB COUNTRIES to its ranks.

Deep America was limiting CHINA’s meeting with energy on the one hand and ending its MARKETS on the other hand.

In doing so, it wanted the CORONAVIRUS and EUROPE to face unemployment, impoverishment and the danger of collapse.

Only in this way they could distance themselves from CHINA. And they’ve done this so far.

It was seen that the wheel would not turn by giving direct financial aid to people, institutions and companies by printing money.

It was not enough to distribute Money.

Merkel’s “We will evaluate Chinese policies” statement was a sign of this.

As such, it was not difficult to see this fight on the SILK ROAD.

MEDITERRANEAN SEA, SYRIA, CAUCASUS were also in this equation.

It’s not wanted that Turkey’s rapprochement with China to set up a game with their consent or wink to Beijing.

The West always wanted what it said done.

However, ANKARA was tired of the attacks from the WEST and opened a new window.

In a sense, it saw DANGER as China is the only country in Europe that GROWS in the PANDEMIC!

More precisely, the USA was showing this.

This war will end in 2021.

Trump was met with CORONA and “DANGER” was shown.

If Trump is elected, he will support the CHINA struggle more than ever.

If not, its corona will come alive.

Biden is already ready for war from yesterday.

He also “Let’s support dissidents in Turkey” was declared out with everyone.

Look at events and developments like that.

Turkey wants to draw its own route, that’s why Turkey is the target.

Russia and China are the same…

When you establish this equation, it is not very difficult to put the opposition, the turbulence inside, the Eastern Mediterranean problem, Greece, Crete, gas and oil into it.

This is the situation…

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