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Evliya Çelebi (1095 – 1684) told a strange story about “Kemal Pashazade Madrasah” in Edirne in his famous book “Seyahatnâme”:
Kemal Pashazade Ahmed Çelebi came to the city of Edirne in 1483 and asked the teacher for a room to settle in this madrasah.The teacher: “Mullah! There is only one empty room in the madrasah, but it is haunted by the jinni. Whoever goes in that room comes out dead in the morning! “He informed him about the danger. However, When Kemal Pashazade persisted on his request, the teacher said: “Mullah! Don’t blame me in the Hereafter!”He gave the room key to him. Mullah opened the door and said “Bismillah!” and entered.During the evening, the caretaker and teacher prepared and left a bench, a tomb and other funeral materials in front of the door.
In the middle of the night, Kemal Pashazade was busy with the lesson, suddenly the Qibla side of the wall was divided into two.A cute young boy and an old man appeared. After the conversation, the old man said:”Oh son! This is my child, I have brought him to you. Educate him and teach the conditions of the prayer to him ” and he went.Kemal Pashazade recited Bismillah, he taught the innocent child some lessons from the Quran and took care of his own business.
Before the morning, that old man emerged from the wall again and said: “Oh son! May Allah bless you, and give you the glories of the two worlds.I am the Asfail of the jinni. I always come to this room and bring my child too who settles in this room.And they betray the entrusted one, and touch my child. I kill them.After all, I let you walk on the way of all the weird knowledge, you will be the mufti’s-sakaleyn (the mufti of people and jinnis).” After praying, he went into the wall again with his child and disappeared.When Kemal Pashazade came out in the morning, he saw they had prepared hot water.When they saw Kemal Pashazade alive, they were astonished and thanked Allah.He didn’t explain the secrets of this room, he completed his education and at the end of the century, he became an important scholar.He became the mufti of people and jinnis. The madrasah room in Edirne caused the improvement of this person.

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