Fri 13 Rabi Al Awwal 1442AH 30-10-2020AD


On the return of a war, a break was given, the companion who wanted to prepare lunch and his frends spoke about the service of sheep which they would cut.
One of them said “I can bring the sheep”, the other said “I can cut the meat”, another one said “I can prepare the meat”,While they were talking, the Messenger of Allah stood up from his seat and said:
“I can pick up some wood and burn the fire.” They said:
– “No, Rasulullah! You sit down, we do all the service, bring it to you!
the Messenger of Allah commanded:
– I know that you do the whole service, you bring it to my feet. However, I do not want to stay without doing anything while others are serving.I prefer to take my place among those who serve. Staying without doing anything is hard for me. Serving gives happiness to me.
The Messenger of Allah preferred not to be served, but to serve and, not consuming, but to produce.
some people were talking about a man. Somebody said:
– I went with him on a pilgrimage, he prays a lot. In each break, he immediately performed prayer, prayed, too.
Somebody asked:
– He prayed in every break, so who fed his camel, gave water to it, served him?
He replied:
– We did the service.
– So you performed for Allah more! Because he was the one who are served, and you are the ones who serve.
The most striking example in this regard is the sayings the famous Baghdad preacher Yahya bin Muaz’s brother.His brother in Mecca stated in his letter:
“I’m very good in Mecca. I have a servant, he’s very good at serving me.”
Hijri 235’s famous preacher warned his brother in his letter:
“Don’t be proud of being served. Be proud of serving. The One Who is served is only Allah.Serving is for people. Don’t try to have the feauture that belongs to Allah,, try to have feautures that belong to people”
How is our situation, what is our situation? Do we prefer to serve or be served?The feauture that belongs to Allah, or the feauture that belongs to people?

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