Mon 12 Jumada Al Akhira 1442AH 25-1-2021AD

The Operation

There were similarities between Turkey and Brazil in an ODD way.

Similar operations to the operations that took place in our country in the recent past were also experienced there.

Achieving the goal there was not the same as here.

The main goal was to take control of the country, even though it was always hidden.

Of course this was never said or spoken about.

Newspapers and televisions would view events through the glasses of names gathered around fiction.

When this was the case, it was difficult to understand both the inside and the outside.

For example, we shared the VITOL GROUP and the power behind it here for a couple of days.

We didn’t say “GOOD” or “BAD”.

We tried to bring the photo..

Even its MOTTO was unlike any other company.

Finding information was difficult for employees and bosses.

They were like a closed box…

Was there any force against VITOL? Of course there was.

We saw this also in BRAZIL..

Wasn’t there anyone who wanted to operate in the Vitol Group?

There was. Brazil was chosen and test area.

The plan is made. The button was pressed…

And it got messed up…

Because the strongest company in Latin America was now Vitol.

Brazil was the strongest and most strategic country in South America.

A power in the United States made a common plan with businessmen living in London, Paris and Hamburg.

The target was VITOL…

An operation decision was made against Vitol on 23 August.

But there was a problem. Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff did not oppose Vitol because of its oil revenues.

Dilma Rousseff should have been overthrown.

Dilma Rousseff was dismissed on August 31, 2016, with her made up story that she concealed the budget deficit.

The man of the bosses, Michel Temer, became Brazilian President a few hours later.

Dilma came to the seat after LULA, known as the legendary name. He was the manager of PETROBRAS before!

The arrival of Michel Temer sparked massive celebrations in London, Paris and Hamburg.

Strange but the joy OUTSIDE was not inside…

Just 14 days after Temer took office, the operation against Vitol was started.

Operation “Car Wash”, which included former Brazilian President Lula da Silva, was at the top of the agenda.

The Vitol Group was paired with corruption at Brazil’s state-owned company Petrobras.

The US Department of Justice soon showed Vitol and some American businessmen in the same bag and declared ‘there was corruption’.

Many heads of state, ministers, MPs and businessmen were accused of corruption.

Brazil was shaking.

Dilma was not rich, but she had to go.

When she left, she was saying “THIS IS A POLITICAL COUP” in her first statement…

The fiction was very, very effective with the support of the American Ministry of Justice..

It even handed out a fine of $ 853 million.

However, the Vitol Group was strong in Brazil. They managed to slow down the legal system.

Temer, who took the seat after Dilma, was fueling the investigation that started in 2015.

There was someone running a silent campaign in the country against this operation.

Jail Bolsonaro…

Claiming that a US and European spiral was being prepared to put Brazil in a difficult position, Bolsonaro won the Presidential election held on 28 October 2018 with 55.1 percent of the vote.

He was attacked with a KNIFE during election campaigns. He barely survived his injuries!

“Car Wash” operations, which were initiated from bottom to bottom during the DILMA ERA, gain speed with TEMER.

However, the fight was very, very high.

After a while, when Temer was carrying out the operations, his voice records were leaking and he became guilty.

Temer was in trouble for taking a bribe in the construction of the Angra 3 nuclear power plant and was later arrested.

It was VITOL who responded to the move made to him…

Most lawyers would be dismissed and a significant portion of the defendants would be released.

Jailing Bolsonaro is the biggest target in Brazil today.

The Vitol Group did not acquire Bolsonaro.

There was no illegal activity.

The Vitol Group promised to market Brazilian oil to a higher figure than any other company.

Bolsonaro, as he knew the influence of the Vitol Group, chose their side with the idea of preventing disruption in the oil trade.

In fact, he was doing the right thing, thinking about national interests.

But someone was disturbed by this..

Now the party losing power in the White House wants to end the Vitol Group in the Mediterranean via London,

Paris and Hamburg.

Can they achieve this?

Not really, not easy at all.

Because The Vitol Group is the only power in the sale of oil.

Make as much oil as you want. Have as many natural gas reserves as you want. If they don’t, your job is hard!

The Vitol Group is the biggest player or buyer of the system. Without the Vitol Group agent, you will fall into the situation of Venezuela or Iran today.

There is a lot of oil in Venezuela and Iran.

However, The Vitol Group decided to withdraw a little from Iran last year.

The Vitol Group did not completely end its purchases from Iran after the embargo, but reduced it by 60 percent.

If the Vitol Group decides to revert to the old system with Iran, then the USA embargo will be completely out of the system.

Although the USA imposed an embargo, the Vitol Group has repeatedly declared that they will work with Iran.

Even the great power imposing an embargo on Iran is not superior to Vitol Group.

Jose Antunes Sobrinho, owner of Engevix engineering, one of the contractor companies of the Angra 3 Nuclear Power Plant, said that within the scope of the “decontamination operation” he gave a bribe of 250 thousand dollars to the attorney general, Colonel Lima, within the knowledge of Michel Temer.

The lawsuits filed against former presidents Lula da Silva and Dilma Rousseff in Brazil did not end either.

From 2002 to 2016, they allegedly continued to embezzlement from PETROBRAS.

The country was shaken and could not find peace on the grounds that UTC Participações and Odebrecht firms had a dirty relationship with PETROBRAS.

Brazil’s internal affairs were completely mixed from the OUTSIDE.

The country was made unable to breathe.

Being president meant wearing a shirt made of fire…

Nobody had any guarantees.

We just wanted to give an example from the storm from the top tales.

The MEDITERRANEAN is in the headlines and will not come down anymore.

Turkey will take its own course next best option etat.

Our job will be more difficult if we are not one and whole inside just like Brazil.

The UNITY photograph to be given outside allows us to get a big share from the table.

Otherwise it will waste time…

Nobody is GOOD or BAD… Only NATIONAL INTEREST matters. The rest are fairy tales…

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