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The Opposite Neighborhood

Events are happening thick and fast, one after another.

It looks like it’s officially switched to WAR MODE.

First, let’s ask the following question. “THE EUROPEAN UNION ACCEPTED ARMENIA AS A MEMBER, BUT WE DON’T KNOW?”

Or let’s ask like this.

“Did we overlook Germany-France neighboring Yerevan?”

Everyone’s answer to these questions is the same.

So what does the EUROPEAN UNION want to do even though this is the case?

While they were threatining Turkey because of the EASTERN MEDITERRANEAN, why is Karabakh involved?

While this is happening outside, the Enis Berberoğlu case, the unnecessary tweet of the Constitutional Court Member. Engin Yıldırım, the arguments that followed, the rising tension, the desire to open the way to chaos inside, the showdown of the parties, the sharpening of the ranks, the comments of the lawyers, the statements of Abdullah Gül on the subject, the Constitutional Court the exit of the former President Haşim Kılıç and a new polemic, debate or  problem that overflows into the coming days!

Turkey, which is a lot of balance, a country of more junctions. OK!

But it is a long time since Turkey was not surrounded OUTSIDE THIS MUCH.

The European Union has officially warned the day before.

French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian said,

“For us, Turkey’s constantly clear that in provocative activities. This is not acceptable. The ball on the Eastern Mediterranean is now in Ankara. If Turkey is not ready to choose the path of dialogue then European Union is ready to change the power balance.”

French President Emmanuel Macron held a press conference after the EU Leaders Summit in Brussels: Europe is still ready for dialogue with Turkey. But Turkey continues the same attitude. We expressed our support to Southern Cyprus and Greece.

So Macron speaks, will Merkel stop? No, she also spoke:

“Ankara should stop taking provocative steps.”

While all this was political, the Armenian army carried out a rocket attack on the province of Ordubad in the Nakhichevan Autonomous Republic of Azerbaijan.

There was a SIGNIFICANT guest there again when the attack took place.

Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias went to Armenia. His first stop was the so-called genocide monument.

Then he met with Pashinyan. Are we surprised?

No, of course…

On the other hand, Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov took the floor.

He spoke:

We disagree with that the position Turkey uttered and Aliyev also stated many times.

Will the United States follow when Russia enters the ball? No!

They also spoke.

“Now there are Turks. They increased their firepower in the historical war by providing resources to Azerbaijan.

I hope Armenians can defend themselves,” said Pompeo in the interview he gave.

Let’s increase the gear a little bit…

The European Union – Russia – the United States of America and the Middle East are not with us in the face of both the Eastern Mediterranean and Armenian attacks.

The opposing alliance is no longer the SECRET.

The European Union has started to speak in a tone it has never done.

The “IF NECESSARY WE CHANGE BALANCES” output was important.

While Europe was coming from the WEST, the Armenians were attacking NAHÇIVAN with a missile.

The missile fired at BAKU was destroyed in the air.

The Russian Navy was also starting to exercise in HAZAR.

The Russian Air Force was flying on the border with AZERBAIJAN.

They intimidated from right and left.

The important thing is they set a trap to TURKEY.

While the European Union was giving ANKARA a 1-week time, a rocket was falling on NAHÇIVAN, to which no Turk could remain indifferent.

In fact, despite all the words spoken, the WEST’s aim was never sit at the table and negotiate with TURKEY.

They want to shake ANKARA with SECRET EMBARGO, which has been implemented on the axis from Germany to France, from Saudi Arabia to Egypt.

While the European Union pushes Russia beyond, they both come in alliance against us.

And if we take the USA into account, we see that the philosophy “Everyone against everyone, everyone against us” is implemented.

In August, Russian opposition Aleksey Navalny, who was ill during his flight from Siberia to the capital Moscow and was treated in a hospital in Berlin, death announcement was given.

The European Union took action because the USA wanted and suppressed it.

They reached an agreement on sanctions against Russia.

A group of individuals and companies, including Russian intelligence agency (FSB) President Aleksandr Bortnikov, were fined.

Interestingly, the US demands were happening.

Having managed to gather the ARABS around Israel, the USA was now trying to push EUROPE and RUSSIA into separate poles.

While Merkel was giving a message to Turkey, she was also making this sentence:

“Due to the increase in the number of COVID-19 cases, the Chinese policy summit scheduled to be held in Berlin in November was canceled.”

I think this is a necessary message…

Regardless of which event or country you look at, the end of the road will reach the SILK ROAD and CHINA.

The Armenian attack, the Eastern Mediterranean, Syria and Iraq always go to the same address.


It sets the world that manages the project in which 65 countries are intertwined in a chain!

This is clear!

The United States has recently launched a major attack over ISRAEL.

They attempted great fiction.

Although the attitude of EUROPE is not clear, the trends are to fall far from Russia, which is likely to meet with China!

As we shared the other day, RUSSIA is a power that can lead China to EUROPE and Europe to CHINA.

The US certainly does not intend to allow this.

They want to keep China away from alliances and prevent them from dominating.

If the countries where the Silk Road passes move with CHINA, the USA will end! THIS IS CLEAR!

There is no USA on land, air, sea or iron.

Here the parties and important players of this war are always on the field!

Like Turkey…

Even if we don’t want to, they’ll come and get on our feet.

While this is the case, increasing the tension inside is beneficial for everyone but us.

Steps should be taken by knowing this.

They will come with economic attack, this is not a secret.

I can see them agreeing with each other even from the table in my room.

Everyone must also see it.

The work has no power or opposition.

We have to smell the balances and be in the game as a whole.

I know that this will not happen, it cannot be.

Still, I wanted to write. Because the current attack is not like the previous ones.

I wanted to underline it. It is everyone’s duty to defend the country …

There is no place to go with vicious arguments inside.

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