Sun 29 Shaban 1442AH 11-4-2021AD

The Password Of The Bible

Why did the tension increase in the country?

Come, if you want, let’s look around externally.

You know, I never accept what is happening as it is.

I delve into the background.

Let’s do this together today.

Joe Biden was chosen, he came to the WHITE HOUSE.

The most talked about subject was the Bible, on which he swore.

The size of the Bible and the engravings on it were decorated with descriptions such as Freemasonry and Illuminati!

However, the truth was different.

The Bible that Biden swore was inherited from his grandfathers.

It was a Douay-Rheims edition used by English-speaking Roman Catholics.

The discussions on the Bible were aimed at obstructing the real truth, the POLITICAL MESSAGE.

The first person to swear on that bible was John F. Kennedy, who was assassinated!

Biden was becoming the second US President to swear by the Douay-Rheims Bible.

USA-GERMANY was uniting through the BIBLE!

Or we can read this message as the USA and the EU.

The power of this Bible was also due to the objection to the Protestant translation.

Biden, who swore, came, gave his first message to China.

He announced that he would take Europe with him.

The Bible, which he preferred while taking an oath, said this.

Japan, which is like the shadow of the USA, gave the first reaction when China came to the position of being the country that needs to be controlled.

12 major brands of Japan announced that they will cancel their business deals with Chinese companies that force Uyghur Turks into labor.

These companies include Sony and Toshiba!

Like China, Biden also put Russia on target.

This was no surprise.

Former CBS producer Ira Rosen made a striking claim in his new book.

Rosen spoke to Ghislaine Maxwell, lover of Jeffrey Epstein, who was arrested for sexual harassment and child abuse and found dead in prison.

Rosen, who persuaded the Princess of Secrets to speak, albeit with difficulty, said at the meeting, “Epstein has secret videos of Bill Clinton and Donald Trump”.

Rosen was meeting with Maxwell shortly before the 2016 election and was pushing to “admit that Trump has secret tapes”.

Rosen said, “Give me the tapes. I know Epstein captured everyone on camera. I want tapes of Trump with little girls, “he said.

Maxwell said, “I don’t know where the tapes are. But if they don’t appear, Trump will win the election.”

As Maxwell ended the meeting, she made the point by saying, “I am the daughter of a media baron. I know how you think. If Trump’s tapes are released, Clinton has to come out, too.”

Imagine that TWO CANDIDATES are competing for the US PRESIDENCY, but the name that will finish them both is JEFFREY EPSTEIN.

It’s like a joke, but it’s not.

Now let’s look internally.

President Erdoğan met with Oğuzhan Asiltürk, an important figure of the NATIONAL VISION line a while ago.

The meeting that took place at home was meaningful for everyone.

For me too.

Was this visit Erdogan seeking support, as everyone wrote?

We can ask the question otherwise!

Was Erdogan winking at the GERMAN ECOLE through NATIONAL VISION?

Was it a coincidence that names from the same ecole came to the fore for the AK Party Istanbul Provincial Directorate?

Oğuzhan Asiltürk said, after the meeting held about a month ago, “Alliances are decided one week before the elections. If I explain this before that, a split will occur,” he said.

Opposition voices within the party immediately reacted:

The Saadet Party is not ruled by the kingdom.

President Erdogan is taking a step with tremendous precision in a truly tremendous balance.

In the final analysis, either the US-EU alliance or the alliance led by London would be uncomfortable.

We would see this with the economic operations that will be done.

In the meantime, PRESIDENT ERDOĞAN spoke a couple of words about Berat Albayrak.

Some people were instantly disturbed.

They made this felt with the small interventions they made in the lottery.

This is the balance ..

Look at the events like this!

Evaluate the period by looking at these, which Turkey’s going through.

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